What is rafting.io?

Ceejbot's mastodon instance, which was some stupid attempt to prove a point gone horribly wrong.

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# policies

Importing follow & block lists isn't working. I can't figure out why not. Grrrrrrr. Sorry. Try starting fresh.

Policies for the rafting.io Mastodon instance:

You own your own words.

Here are some things you definitely should post here:
• creative/funny/surprising bots
• fandom
• computer nerdery
• gaming
• long explanations of the amazing perfection of the Twelfth Doctor
• Malcolm Tucker

Things I will delete on sight, along with your account:
• trolling
• hate speech
• racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia
• untagged NSFW images with sexual or violent content
• content auto-posted or auto-syndicated from elsewhere