I'm listening to killer whale song, for research purposes. (Research porpoises? Is that a dad joke?) They sound like extremely squeaky cats.

I'm not quite jumping on the AOC bandwagon just yet for various reasons, but I confess that her quoting _Watchmen_ did tickle. (On birdsite.)

Every time I've driven on the Alaskan Way Viaduct the past two weeks I've thought, "This, *this* will be the last time I do this."

However, since it's closing forever this Friday I'm pretty sure today really was the last time.

(Sidenote: downtown Seattle traffic has been terrible forever, and will be terrible forever, Viadoom or no Viadoom. "Forever" is here defined as however long you're stuck in it.)

It seems to me that one problem with telling people who insist on visiting national parks during the shutdown to bury their waste is volume. That's a lot of shit getting buried instead of being processed through a septic system or deposited in a vault toilet that gets emptied periodically. Add to that that a lot of people just don't know how to do this: you need to bury it deep enough and far enough from water to keep it from being a problem. And burying tp is generally a bad idea.

State Farm would like me to know that I used roadside assistance twice in 2018.

Well, yes, State Farm, I know that. I was there. (I even cancelled one of the requests when someone came along to help me get the lug nuts off. I can change a tire, but I'm not physically strong enough to loosen factory-tightened lug nuts by myself.)

I remain firmly convinced that the Westwood Shopping Center parking lot is a demonic design akin to the M25 motorway in Good Omens, and continually astonished that there aren't more crashes there. Worst designed parking lot ever.

Or, Amazon sends a shipping confirmation, but it goes to Gmail's Promotions folder, so I don't find out there's something in the Locker to pick up until it's already on its way back to the seller. Or, the navigation app automatically routes you on the trip you usually take at this time, even though you're going somewhere else today.

Is there a word for this? There should be a word for this.

We need a word for these consequences of automated communication where humans become the obstacle to the system running without friction. Like when the pharmacy confirms a refill, and when I go to pick it up, the tech says it *wasn't* refilled because they need a doctor's authorization. The automated refill system doesn't know that, it just knows that a refill usually happens around this time, so it goes ahead and communicates as much.

Exams are over, there's basically no one in the library except for my co-workers, and I have short-timer's syndrome like you wouldn't believe.

Unfortunately there are a few things that I simply *have* to take care of before blowing this popsicle stand for the year, but my motivation is incredibly low. I just want to be at home with a book and tea and a cat, and wait for solstice.

Reading the Wikipedia entry on house cats, it occurs to me that someone with no knowledge or experience of cats would wonder why somebody would ever want one in their house: "a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal...a strong flexible body, quick reflexes, sharp teeth and retractable claws...thought to be primarily responsible for the extinction of 87 species of birds."

I love my tiny furry homicidal maniacs, but they ARE tiny furry homicidal maniacs.

You know it's nearly solstice when you think hmm, I'm kinda tired, wonder how late it is, and you look at the clock and it's 5pm.

Was able to sleep without cold meds (which I prefer as they give me dry mouth and make me feel like my brain is turned to cotton mush) but still feel groggy and out of it today. More coffee. And sandwiches.

Lots of power outages due to last night's windstorm, though not us. Our Internet can't decide whether it's working or not however.

Partially chemically induced (some NyQuil-related product) full night's sleep and I feel much better today, in the sense that I'm not drowning in snot and tea. Skipping tonight's party since I'm hosting tomorrow. Hoping to also skip the part where the virus moves into my lungs and I end up coughing for two weeks.

Contemplating what, if any, responsibility I have in a volunteer situation where the leadership literally does not know what it's doing. I do have some knowledge of how to manage upward; what I don't have is time or energy, especially since I'm sick right now.

I think I'm glad that my parents never really tried to sell us on the existence of Santa Claus. It was a let's pretend game we were all in on, and the day I figured out that the Santa at the neighborhood tree-lighting was my best friend's dad, I felt like I had learned something important.

Apparently I've missed out on some crucial magic of childhood, but I don't really understand what.

I have a cold. I went to work today anyway, but skipped kung fu. However, the fiddle must be fed.

I got overwhelmed with social media and dropped off most platforms for awhile. Now I'm back, I guess?

We camped in the wind and the rain with another dozen insane Dionysians last weekend. That was fun. (No, I mean it was actually fun.)

Woke up with a raging headache this morning. That hasn't happened in awhile.

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