What even this bathtub cat. I didn’t take him for a walk in the shared hallway and now this.

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And don't forget the "let's offer women roses in shops and other pink mugs/shirts because that will help women's right" and the whole "ha but when is international men's day" jokes. I'm already exhausted (FYI the answer is "Nov 19, same day as world toilet day, I'm not kidding)

Tax return for 2020 filed. This year’s refund is about the amount we will need to pay the vet for Spike’s dental work.

Yeahyy, Flavio Nazario hooked me up with some really cool "do your user research/ask your customers" themed stickers 😁

Curious artifact of PE Trudeau’s multiculturalism: I grew up in a neighbourhood, a city, full of hyphenated Canadians. Most of our grandparents weren’t the right sort (French, Italian, Ukrainian, Greek, Jewish, etc - not British Isles stock) yet we grew up to accept ourselves and our pale-skinned cohort as white. This was also likely due to post-WW2 broader acceptance of continental Europeans as more human than those creatures with odd skin tones.

Meanwhile I am still boggling at the videos I found last night with a guy wearing a weighted vest and jumping with a trap bar holding what looked like over a hundred pounds of plates.
Serves me right, looking up box jumping substitutes.

According to a random German weight training blog post I tripped across, Angel Spassov promoted the Bulgarian split squat in the US. The coach claimed it was part of the training program that led to the country beating the Russians at power lifting.
It was misdirection. This move is gentle on the back while working the legs for power. Power lifters need back strength.

Spike is cute: receipts. His blood shows signs of excellent health. Blood work belies the state of his teeth, which are due for vet care next month.

Taking the day off may not have been a particular occasion (okay it’s a provincial stat holiday but I work for the federal). Got some sleep, read some Czimenthaly, did some Coursera, did less fretting than a typical day.

:yay: Request :yay:

I've started my Master, my research question so far surrounds the idea of what electronic platforms add to the portrayal of queer bodies as others, often intermingling with beastly and monstrosity metaphors (often very positively)

I want to find queer creators of electronic art with a focus on body or emotional experiences. Twine hypertext, games, bots, poetry online, even twitter feeds or instagram.

If you wanna talk then DM or email ceciliewriteswords@gmail.com

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Haa, I love how @movie_pundit@twitter.com describes memory in his book on cognitive biases 😁

This cat. Every time I catch him doing that cute leg of lamb pose and try to get a photo he’s all “oh, I will pay attention to you, sup homey?”

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