Had a dream again. Wow that didn't make sense and the dim restaurant with tall bookcase dividers and dangerous air was scary enough to wake out of.

Achievement unlocked: add minutes to PAYG phone plan during a call and immediately start eating into them.

That anger in response to stress is not useful, except to show that I can hold a burning coal in a callused hand. Everybody got some stress today and it's not all mine to channel.

The sense when you use « remember back earlier in the plague, I think it was 2020 » in casual conversation. And it takes half an hour before the ache hits.

Getting into DS9 season 5 where the morality grows increasingly grey, with diversions into light humour and character development.

Amused that my employer has an internal posting for a Non Destructive Technologist.

The government's corporate messaging on Mental Health Week to its employees is about as ablest as you'd expect. twitter.com/GAC_Corporate/stat

The household has Janelle Monae’s book on loan from the library for three weeks. Watched QUEEN this weekend, to reacquaint with her album and emotion picture.
Dang she good.
Soothes some of the ache from just finished speculative fiction novel set where I live only little a more fascism as a treat.

So did the upgrade fix anything?
Still me, dusted off some different pics.

So hi I'm still here, still thatdawnperson, continuing to be weird and non-normal in more ways than I've bothered to enumerate, including left-handed and queer with a brain that doesn't act like society says they're supposed to. Yes, from t.b days and various other antisocial networks along the way.

Intake with the gender clinic: affirming, and now I have a clearer idea of some specifics around the future. Knowing clearly several of the parameters of my identity helps, as does pandemic experience of my remote work environment.
My experiences asking for and receiving access to appropriate medical care continue to gently, positively surprise me.

It’s a somewhat eventful workplace week so far, with two managements making overtures, a colleague with their first Covid, a project milestone early next week, another colleague on vacation, a third colleague revealing work/school/life challenges, and a new remote work procedure. The week started yesterday, with Monday being a stat holiday.

Watched the fitted sheet thirst trap tiktok and dang I want that fella’s workout routine list.

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