Got and signed the offer for the job I started on Monday.
Projet manager standing up the Killam awards program, which is moving from Canada Council for the Arts to the National Research Council. It’s at an interesting inflection point right now. I have a year before I hand it back to another PM.

I hadn’t been planning on changing my email signature at work until the paperwork came through but it is day three and my first team meeting so up goes the new job title.
Fortunately I am pulling some focus out of the ether to juggle this.

I wonder if my brain chemistry makes this easier, harder, or just different to normals.

Does anyone know any good instances I could join? I'm such a noob.

It turns out the final episode of Gokushufudou (live action, 10 episodes) has a Christmas / New Year theme.

Feeling tired, achy, sore injection site, slightly raised temperature. Not as bad as shot 2, which was also Moderna.
No commitments today outside a phone call from a doctor this afternoon. Nap time.

I should do something with my Amiga A1000 instead of letting it just sit stored away. There probably are good hands for it somewhere out there, and it might even still work after decades of not being turned on.

(This thought occasioned by needing to move its boxes around. Yes, plural. I have the monitor too and various other things. I keep everything as a vague packrat.)

vax update 

vax update 

genital description, disney property 

the one where the fediverse crowdfunds a big ass robot in Georgia as a bit

Paid employment’s work has been put down until January 4. Next month I will be working in two job roles, then fully transferred into managing a high profile project for the year. Not worried about what comes after, strangely.

I am approaching the furlough (the department shuts down tomorrow mid day) with a calm mind. It’s been three and a half years to get here, through hard work, good will, timing, and supportive senior management.

health phlebotomy 

health, heart 

health, heart 

Vash deserves and receives love. You deserve love, however dorky you are in this moment

I don’t want to understand those who value hoarding stolen wealth over active kindness. It’s choosing to poison yourself (albeit with little dopamine hits) and your environment rather than build joy.

I’ve got a mental model (refined with every baffling encounter) that lets me include their existence and effects in the world. Sometimes I learn from myself, too: I’m work in progress.

Days of talking about taking action on violence against women are over. The 14 names have been recited, Deans of Engineering have made their tearful speeches.
Back to work.

It’s been a good weekend. Only some of it was planned, and none of those plans went exactly as foreseen.

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