Note to self: when a distant acquaintance is making baby steps towards seeing systemic issues, that is not a great time to bring out the higher level knowledge they’re nowhere near ready for.

With the new masks-required-indoors bylaw in place, more people downtown (where 2m distance on sidewalks is fantasy) are masked.

I took a walk this evening and found I had the cognitive space and emotional safety to feel sympathy for the unmasked instead of fear.

It was a taste of freedom.

I need to find more different opportunities to turn down my unreasoning reactions to what I perceive as threats. I dehumanize far too much.


This is in Detroit, on top of the base of where a Columbus statue once stood.

Bozhoo, family. Bozhoo.

FOSS take 

there's been quite a bit of research on the cognitive/health benefits of multilingualism, but I think the framing tends to be backwards. multilingualism isn't a bonus, but the default (historically, anthropologically, biologically). our species developed multilingual, and still is everywhere not too damaged by colonial steamrollers. monolingualism is a v recent development, an emergent artifact of a capitalist+racist society.

so we should be talking about the cognitive damage of monolingualism.

/me sees Hamilton trending in Canada on birdsite
/me stares in faintly lunch bucket accented Toronto

I have mostly had soup for breakfast for over two years (before we moved downtown). Mostly vegetables and some added protein (lentils not for a while, egg usually, tofu, meat sometimes) in chicken broth, with some flavour usually in the form of various types of soy sauce.

I had thought this morning is the first time since I was in hospital overnight in January that I had something other than soup for breakfast. Then I remembered that I used to travel for work and would take whatever was available for meals. My last trip was at the end of February.

In today’s Skyrim noodling, I learned about the causes, early symptoms, and early stage cures of vampirism. No, the dog didn’t turn me into a baby vampire. But his loyalty quest could have, because I hit (and miss sometimes) things with a big hammer instead of blocking.

Also, don’t eat vampire ashes. Sell them to your friendly neighbourhood alchemist.

I'm conducting some interviews in order to collect data to inform the ~future~ of @OpenSourceOrg.

If you're not a member (or you are!), I'd love to hear from you. Please send me a message at elana.hashman at opensource dot org!! 📬

People queuing to get into restaurants, laughing in groups on patios. All spaced, though I suspect distancing is not strictly and uniformly maintained.

It’s a homeopathic version of Pride in the affluent, mostly white cis male, lens of the gaybourhood.

RT @DaniConnorWild
I put my microphone in front of a 7 week old baby red squirrel.

LB: Tom Nook is a raccoon dog. Raccoon dogs are close relatives of foxes.

They look more like raccoons and dogs than foxes.

Lunch: local green pepper and onion, parsley, mixed ground, LGM black bean on corn tortillas

I do not like the changes in my thoughts and decisions that fatigue and loss of executive function bring.

d: I’d better stay out of the kitchen or I’ll queer the cats [put them off taking turns with tuna]. I queer everything I touch.
S: You have the my ass touch.

About ready to call in “too sassy from accumulating fatigue” at work. Instead am engaging in productive... not so much procrastination as doing housekeeping and making sure I don’t write down anything future me will regret having escaped my filters.

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