So this morning I learned Little Birdhouse in Your Soul is a story told from a night light’s point of view. How many times I missed the context.

Earlier today I made a lunch salad. The sriracha mayo a couple of layers down was just the thing.


Sometimes one shares so little in common with another that it doesn’t seem worth the effort to tell them how you see a circumstance after hearing their view and probing their assumptions.

When I awakened this morning I remembered rich details of a dream I had and could describe much of it in words. Some people apparently experience this regularly and without mood-altering food or drug.

Cool. Maybe this will happen again.

COVID rant political 

Lupin Part 1 thoughts 

Three seconds before pigeons outside made a ruckus and Spike bolted out to watch.

meds, next! 

Kind of ticked Canadian media other than CPAC presented reactions and analysis to the federal budget while Freeland was in the House presenting the budget itself.
I do not recall prior cases where the Finance Minister got summarily ignored on budget day.

Well, nothing I can do holding on to the feeling: let it go but remember.

ON politics 

Jennifer Walters (She Hulk) and Matt Murdock (Daredevil) are lawyers.


Today was A Day. I nevertheless got to have a few sassy conversations, secured an AZ appointment, and danced in front of a camera.

And extra love to deadlines sometimes being hard and other times being soft but no documentation on which is which when. Or consistency.

Just taking a moment here to vent about having to email documents around and use live chat to confirm because the default shared document behaviour is silently overwriting changes.

I am now theoretically eligible to book a vaccination appointment online, since hot spot definitions have expanded. Of course no appointments are available.

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