I am fortunate to have the resources to buy a flat of strawberries once a year, make freezer jam, and store it. I have access to fresh-tasting jam all year long. It takes freezer space, reliable electricity, kitchen wares, access to farm markets, physical skill and stamina, grocery store access, and money.

Mawwidge old enough to vote but not a person in the eyes of the law.

If code I wrote over a decade ago is still in production, can I be said to have left tech?

This week’s Foodshare. Not in the photo: celery and broccoli, full reveal of quantities.

Oh the beets.

Awakened last night not long after falling asleep. Whole household dealt with accidental broken glass: cleaning, sorting, keeping cats and unprotected humans away from harm. Slept deeply once the needful had been attended to.

So I am a little slow today, also thankful nobody got injured.

Nice side effect of Ontario’s Stage 3 is learning about the neighbourhood bathhouses and sex clubs I hadn’t already been aware of.

gender mini-rant 

Reference: Japanese video youtu.be/eesxH2-8Jlo (also correction that apparently it’s not food washing but hand washing that mattered to this one, too lazy to quote source, DuckDuckGo it).

If you’re gonna leave candy floss out for a raccoon you’d better keep doing that until the little guy learns not to wash it.

Not sure if I will get all the way through Justin Ling’s Missing from the Village, an investigative book on the serial murders of gay men in my neighborhood.

In the first chapter the author introduces us to three victims and their lives. Hit me like an emotional truck.

canpoli goofing around 

Taking an extra day off after the July 1 stat holiday, coming back to a 10 hour day yesterday could give me perspective.
Mostly it gives me hey wow I am the tired.
Nine days out from Moderna chaser too.

Lupin part 2 satisfied. Where and how it came to stop makes sense in retrospect, and the playing with the audience view served a worthy end.

Random lake with a little birds, Tommy Thompson Park. The land the park is on consists entirely of fill dumped by humons.

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Life raft.

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