2020 is the year I learned about the videos for Earth Wind and Fire’s song September.

On the twenty first day.

This photo of overexposed white flowers pleases me through the compensation the device has applied. It looks like a drawing superimposed on a photo.

Check it out silikat.tumblr.com/post/629875

okay, the target of Canadian programmers is pretty small, but I'm sure they will all find this hilarious.

A little Sunday morning lap time with Spike (video). He is a warm purr burble. Plotter works in the background.

There is an entire head of lettuce barely peeking out from the beet greens.

Beet greens give me joy.

Contents of my weekly CSA box. Oh, except the bunch of bananas I had already stowed.

Winter squash season has begun. Hopefully kale will not continue indefinitely.

Be the badass you believe the world needs. It’s hard work and not often recognized. Sometimes you will want to stop. Gather an army of close friends about you.

Breathe. Work from the scar, not the wound. Get up.

I am getting more chill about unmasked not-heavy-breathing people outside even when there is minimal distance, as long as the proximity is short duration.
And progressively mopier about group music performance, especially choirs, being scientifically evaluated as risky.

Victorious breath: calm, centered, filling the back of your lungs, echoing in your perfect ears.


Slept 90 minutes past the usual time this morning. Here are some photos from a stroll down to Barky [Berczy] Park and home again.

Work resumes Monday. Vacation week has been much needed.

Thank you autocorrect for suggesting glitter nonbinary. Good phrase, not what I was going for.

The latest gimmick from the anti-mask hazards to local public health is putting on V for Vendetta masks, going to a major shopping mall, getting deliberately close to people, and moving or removing signage. Local journos are giving them space in their publications and sharing the photos these activists have provided.

So last night I had a vivid dream of apparently unorganized people in nondescript clothes and masks slipping through the public spaces and glitterbombing them.

DJ Earworm released Summermix 2020 about three weeks ago.

Much more dance, less rap than other recent mixes. Almost like turning on a nostalgia beacon. One of the component videos uses COVID masks. Another led me to Lady Gaga’s Chromatica, which I will listen to in full this week.

In amongst the little things changing at the start of a long weekend, a memo to eradicate bias training that criticizes white supremacist, colonial beliefs and systems: aljazeera.com/news/2020/09/tru

Hairs cut. With the trimmer, not the Flowbee, so it’s like 2012 short.

I continue to be disappointed in the meh level of greying in the stuff that comes outta my scalp. Partly because I red too many badly written sword and sorcery thrillers with the standard mage: fully white or a dramatic streak of white.

I don’t even get JJJameson side white. Le sigh, white people problems.

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