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cat gross 

Got round to Mr Jerk today, first time since their kitchen reno. This is half of a $9 lunch special (full chicken leg, slaw, rice beans with gravy, ginger beer).
Proprietor knows even the infrequent regulars and treats us familiarly.

We keep cat food and treats in the cupboard under the sink. Vash knows this.

The federal government announced several vaccine mandates yesterday. City employees have one, too.
Perhaps I have a failure of empathy, but the people loudly complaining now sure sound like the assholes who have been extending the need for public health actions by flouting them for many many months.

Had the active compassion for those who trouble you meditation yesterday evening.
Though I don’t typically remember dreams, distinctly recall two persons in distant observation of my sleeping mind: one who wouldn’t bother me any longer and one who has shown persistent malevolent intent in recent memory.
I had two low heart rate notifications in my sleep, a little less than two hours apart.

Introduced a colleague to « poop in a group » as a euphemism for « shit together », as in getting one’s.

Statue of four squirrels appearing humanly reverential toward a big acorn. Joel Weeks Park.

This week in Foodshare substitutions:
✅• 1 bunch banana
4 oranges ❎• 1 Cantaloupe 
✅• 1lb carrots - mini
✅• 1 head lettuce Romaine
✅• 1 bunch green onion
1 alfalfa sprouts ❎• 1 organic eggplant
✅• 1 bunch kale - green
✅• 1 peppers - red
8 pears ❎• 1 pint plums - blue*
1 squash unknown ❎• 1 squash - White swan*
✅• 1 tomato grapes - red*
2lb potatoes ❎• 1 lb turnip*
Happy with what we got.
The cookies are from Craigs.



election 44, canada 

election 44, canada 

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