If you're following me on dice.camp (Mastodon), please also follow me as @paulczege
It's my identity address on Friendica. Because of federation you can follow it right in Mastodon (whether you're using Friendica or not) and then you'll see everything I post from it as well.
With the shuttering of Google+ I may gradually start using it more. It lets me share to groups, and has a higher character limit for posts.


@paulczege I haven't used Friendica, but I'm liking the interface so far, so I might start using it myself. My own crew's kind of settling on pluspora, and while one follows one's friends, the featureset there is sort of..minimal.

It's not perfect. None of the client programs I've found deliver all of its functionality. It fails to let me upload images sometimes, with no discernible pattern. The twitter gateway on rpgtable.com isn't working. My avatar image is grainy and I can't figure out why. It low-res'd it for some reason.

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