I don't know who's doing Michelle Yeoh's wardrobe but I love them and want to buy them a beer

ok so you are kidnapping and blackmailing people for your Evil Scheme but it's super important that the person actually sign the whatnot themsevles? seriously what's a little forgery at this point

oh wow blackmailing a Klingon when the entire leverage can be invalidated by deploying broad-based murder solutions at scale seems...unwise

I see Discovery is upholding the proud tradition of _absolutely infuriating_ and pointlessly contrived Prime Directive episodes that make me yell at the screen.

Tilly is still an absolute delight, though.

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I frequently take the Steven Universe approach to things. Take what people say really genuinely, respond kindly, assume the best of intentions. But also comment explicitly and overtly at anything weird going on. Just totally invert the conversational dynamic.

High, ethereal vocals and lilting winds, with occasional Ominous Chants -- the Madoka Magica OST is a fantastic working soundtrack when I want to get things done.

The show itself is still one of the top 5 anime series I've seen, and immensely worth your time. It's only 12 episodes, or if you don't have 6 hours, two movies (with better animation and what little filler there was removed).


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why does every male writer in Hollywood think that they’ll finally do it, they’ll be the one to ‘finally’ do a good and ‘meaningful’ main character death and it’ll be so deep and cool and the audience will shower him with unending praise for it??

Like sorry but you’re not that good a writer my dude, if you were you’d know just randomly killing your characters to make some vague meta point is dumb lol

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My wife spent two weeks babysitting her nieces after their babysitter suddenly quit, and apparently during one of her days with the kids the youngest (4) said to her mom "When I grow up I wanna be a witch."

Her mom was startled, as they don't own any movies or watch any TV shows with witches. She asked her, "Why do you wanna be a witch when you grow up?"

The 4 year old looked at her and said "You don't know?" and then just walked away without explanation.

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You know how the source code to Infocom's games was posted to Github?


Here's Stever Meretzky's manual on how to learn ZIL (Zork Implementation Language). I don't know if it's enough formal grammar to write an interpreter or compiler, but I think it might be enough to get started...


tfw someone retoots something in your TL so wildly at variance with reality you can't even engage and just sigh and mute

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We really need to reclaim this as game terminology. It's...the variant game after the game.

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"Pasting all this content into a slide deck will definitely take less than half an hour" he lied to himself, as usual.

why do we call them 'gangbangs' and not 'wang armée'

just got a glowing review/promotion/raise at work and apparently time from that to feeling like a complete fraud who is about to be fired for incompetence is

*checks notes*

two weeks almost exactly

nothing dispels the midafternoon yawns quite like a friggin' _hornet_ crawling on your laptop case not 18 inches from your elbow, inside the office where no hornet should be, and not in the blazing heart of a star, where every goddamned hornet should be.

in any case, a quick and risky grab with an empty travel cup and a handy bit of waste cardboard has yielded a prompt eviction of the abomination, no casualties.

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*a crush transitions*

Bisexuals: “Hahaha you can’t escape me that easily”

just because you haven't dumped your coffee cup over your nightstand and all its small important things for *years* doesn't mean it won't happen today


some truly extraordinary take's out there tonight that are so hyperwoke in their overanalysis i'm like to sprain an eyeroll muscle

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I've got it. finally. himbos are boys, shimbos are girls. yojimbos? enbies. grats, y'all get the coolest category #yojimbohours

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