’Or, worst of all, executives lose their way and stop enforcing any value system at all. Then the value system reverts to the default: politics and backstabbing. It wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't so hopelessly inefficient. […] Nobody would ever pick a value like “don't respect your co-workers.” Respecting your co-workers is just basic civility. By the time you have to write it down, you've already lost.’
apenwarr.ca/log/20190926 h/t @ceejbot

“This doesn’t feel like a victory. This feels like relief.” says @jonlovett on this podcast and yes. This is the feeling.

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Facebook is a garbage company and owns what's happening to this country?

Still work there? Dish or quit. twitter.com/brooklynmarie/stat

Really striking how whether or not to actually count the votes is suddently a partisan issue in what is supposedly a united democratic republic.

So apparently the Maricopa County building where ballots are being counted is now being evacuated because a large group of armed protesters is right outside, demanding that ballots be counted. (v/ CNN)

They might not be a mustache-twirling villain, but they view everything as transactional and don’t understand why you don’t as well. They’ll make decisions to benefit themselves and tell you whatever they have to to get you to go along.

Companies as entities are sociopathic, because the people acting in them collectively can too easily set aside their ethics. Companies that are directly controlled by sociopaths are even worse.

@melissaboiko@scholar.social Indeed, the local language variant (English: “as cited in”) is more popular than Latin here. And such secondary sources are frowned upon by some people.

I’m no expert in TeX, but found this link with a possible solution that may or may not work for you: tex.stackexchange.com/question

@ceejbot There is The Long Dark … not sure though if that’s quite what you’re looking for!

“Imagine an America without racism. The mere thought of that brings tears to my eyes, because it feels so far out of reach.”


“Used tea” for sale on the ’net … you’ll find anything these days.

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This is so important. In so many organizations, "niceness" — in the sense of superficial politeness and positivity — operates as cover for incompetence, a lack of emotional intelligence, and a total inability to be genuinely accountable for harmful choices or bad leadership. twitter.com/iSmashFizzle/statu

It is no joke amazing how much better news websites are to read if you disable Javascript.

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Microsoft Research came up with an A.I. model to predict the number of bugs in a code base and the top predictors in order of accuracy were

- company org structure
- code churn
- code complexity
- dependencies
- code coverage

Anyone else not surprised?

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Voting by age. Staggering.

There are some really bad places to discover your milk went bad at 17:45 on a Saturday.

Life raft.

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