“Imagine an America without racism. The mere thought of that brings tears to my eyes, because it feels so far out of reach.”


“Used tea” for sale on the ’net … you’ll find anything these days.

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This is so important. In so many organizations, "niceness" — in the sense of superficial politeness and positivity — operates as cover for incompetence, a lack of emotional intelligence, and a total inability to be genuinely accountable for harmful choices or bad leadership. twitter.com/iSmashFizzle/statu

It is no joke amazing how much better news websites are to read if you disable Javascript.

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Microsoft Research came up with an A.I. model to predict the number of bugs in a code base and the top predictors in order of accuracy were

- company org structure
- code churn
- code complexity
- dependencies
- code coverage

Anyone else not surprised?

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Voting by age. Staggering.

There are some really bad places to discover your milk went bad at 17:45 on a Saturday.

Life raft.

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