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The new release of Signal has support for encrypting and sending arbitrary files. That's a very big deal: for many users it has long been an unsolved problem to securely share documents or recordings, and now it's as easy and sending a text. Update out now for Desktop, iOS, and Android!

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♻ @dorscluc: We're proud to present our keynote speaker Heiki Lõhmus from @fsfe! He will discuss !FreeSoftware in STEM education. #fsfe
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On the way to the Augsburger Linuxtag, meet me at the #FSFE booth or during my #Nextcloud talk.

This year especially there’s an uncomfortable feeling in the tech industry that we did something wrong, that in following our credo of “move fast and break things”, some of what we knocked down were the load-bearing walls of our democracy."

If you care one bit about what tomorrow's internet is going to look like, please go and read Maciej Ceglowski's great talk about how we can "Build a better monster":

Interesting: Baidu says they'll release their software for self-driving cars as FOSS. They're betting that over the long term, the value will be in rider data:

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hello all

noagendasocial dot com is now domain blocked (suspended) from and after receiving reports from another admin of harassment and other oppressive bullshit originating there

boost if you wish

that is all

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"Die Welt zieht sie sich zusammen, als sei ihr etwas Bitteres in den Mund geraten."

If you read German, check out this beautiful piece about how, over the last 50 years, we've grown ever closer in this world, and about how we're now tearing apart this beautiful thing we've built.

So winter is suddenly back. After a couple of warm, there's snow on the cherry blossoms.

The upside is that I got to do the whisky bythe fireside thing again :)

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I'd like to send flowers to whoever thought having a mute button this early would be great. So many bots.

Good practice: Publishing release notes for your project.

Not good practice: Distributing the release notes as a PDF :thinking:

This hotel restaurant is stuck in an early 90's time bubble, with Tom Petty and Meat Loaf on the stereo.

What's the easiest way to follow people here?

Click on profile > click on remote follow > enter my address > confirm follow - this work flow feels like I'm interacting with a slightly dim person.

I'm using the browser ATM, but would happily switch to an app that makes it easier.

Have you tried the new Signal video calls already? Give them a go. They're awesome.

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OK y'all! is live and ready to help your friends find places to toot from! It provides scored instances in an easy-to-use fashion for new users and helps onboard them to tinier instances. Please help me load-test it by boosting it across the fediverse! :)

Next to come is a nice home page with explanations of the fediverse!

Source and hopeful-roadmap available:

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Markdown support would be nice. Does it work?
`code chunk`
```code block```

- bullet item 1
- bullet item 2

**Bold Text**

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want to talk to my friends but I have to build a social network first

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