specifically the trouble I have is getting beginners from the "I understand the syntax and can modify examples" stage to the "I can model problems as programs and apply my knowledge of the language to build these programs" stage. the first stage is pretty easy and most tutorials for beginners are oriented toward that kind of literacy... the second is harder to achieve and harder to teach, and it seems like most people only reach that stage with self-directed practice

It's kind of weird to me that music can say crass things in public spaces, but it isn't polite for people to say those things.

@ceejbot thinks she can get away without following me when I'm using her server.

First evening with Ergodox. Everything is in easy reach but my fingers are very confused by the alignment. rafting.io/media/IYpjhYIimXAMq

@ceejbot I don't seem to be getting live updates in the app? I have to refresh.

Now I need a client or bot that will post the same messages on both Twitter and Mastodon.

@ceejbot The client seems nice enough. How efficient are the Rails service and DB queries?

Life raft.

Ceejbot's mastodon instance. This is an overprovisioned, personally-run instance running on AWS. I welcome friends to create accounts here. I intend to run it as long as people are using it.