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Had the luck to wander into some of our older provisioning code, before we'd learned better patterns.

Not defeated, just regrouping to read the Ansible documenation and try this thing again in the morning.

Achievements today: Talked someone out of a bad design decision, and cracked open a coconut using a hammer and screwdriver. People were oddly happier about having fresh coconut.

Calibrating CO2 sensors. Seeing bizarre behavior in a ccs811 breakout board one from last lot. I hope these haven't gotten to the counterfeit stage of popularity.

Brought the CO2 sensor in to work this morning for the weekly dev team meeting. The ventilation system needs a bit of tuning. This might explain why some people get snippy towards the end of the meeting. The peak is where the meeting ended, doors opened, and people stared moving around.

The Google Nexus 5 that I've carried for the past 9 years finally gave it up and boot-looped. It was an antique, and on its forth battery, but it had a great form factor, and was Good Enough. I'll miss it.

Too much VirtualBox and too little Docker in my life. So tonight I avoid both by playing with some Arduino sensors.

The diabolical scheme to measure CO2 levels in conference rooms at work (and in our bedroom overnight) is nearly complete!

Log clutter. Ugh. Time for some weeding.

Writing/debugging raw JS is exhausting. But damn now the thing that'll save me at least an hour a week works.

Anticipating the prospect of soldering tonight

Added a nifty little hand drill and jig to the tool collection. Having small tools on hand payed off well last year.

Huh. `Restart=always` doesn't really mean that.

Got me again, systemd.

Revisiting where my trade-offs are. They've shifted over time.

The ceremonial end-of-decade purge of old, non-working pens is done. A fond adieu for that one color (gray) of Sharpie that's nearly impossible to find now.

Looking at the $15 USD difference between the 2Gb and the 4Gb Raspberry Pi 4s. 12 year old me doesn't understand the words, 20 year old me just paid a significant amount of money for 32K of SDRAM and thinks Megabytes are science fiction, and 50 year old me has 2Gb in his desktop and is living the dream.

Pondering the economics of "just in case" vs. "just in time" research. The past few years have been overly heavy on the former.

i2c co2 sensors arrived. tomorrow, we solder.

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