Brought the CO2 sensor in to work this morning for the weekly dev team meeting. The ventilation system needs a bit of tuning. This might explain why some people get snippy towards the end of the meeting. The peak is where the meeting ended, doors opened, and people stared moving around.

The diabolical scheme to measure CO2 levels in conference rooms at work (and in our bedroom overnight) is nearly complete!

My Custom Vans arrived. I went with the business casual look.

Checking "owning an Owl" off of the bucket list. She was on sale, and might help scare off whatever has been getting into the garden and eating the zucchini.

Suspicions that a faulty voltage regulator, and not the ESP8266, is the source of the odd heat problems CONFIRMED, thanks to a FLIR camera. (The hotspot in the lower left is the voltage regulator.)

Autumn arrived, under cover of smoke. The smoke cleared (yay!) and light rains came (yay!) and one of our trees, which had just turned colors, dropped half of its leaves.

Everyone in yesterday's lockpicking lesson popped at least one lock. A few opened multiple. If trust in Master locks took a hit, then yeah, that was by intent.

Life raft.

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