Thanks, Brain, for waking me up at 5am with a better way to code up a solution to a problem I had 35 years ago, on hardware that probably no longer exists.

Not even remembering the first cup of coffee. That's a bad sign.

Pre-ordering popcorn, in anticipation of the eventual Twitter postmortem.

First dragonfly of the season, probably thanks to a neighbor's koi pond.

Found, (and tested and deployed!), a clever use for Shannon Entropy. Reading widely FTW!

At that point in the day, after joining the support forum of a web framework to ask for help on an issue, that having a drink and going out in the back yard to scream kind of sounds appealing.

Failing at seed starts. This doesn't bode well.

Pretty sure I now understand enough Ansible to have a good grip on what I still don't fully understand, and to start getting a sense for where the duct tape is in the stuff I'm trying to extend.

Oh, neat. The vagrantup repo revoked the version of Ubuntu that was giving me so much trouble yesterday. Good on them.

Finding that skilled, capable engineers can attempt, by studying examples, to construct mental models of how Ansible processes playbooks, and all come away with different theories. With Ansible, it really pays to take some time to read the docs.

Had the luck to wander into some of our older provisioning code, before we'd learned better patterns.

Not defeated, just regrouping to read the Ansible documenation and try this thing again in the morning.

Achievements today: Talked someone out of a bad design decision, and cracked open a coconut using a hammer and screwdriver. People were oddly happier about having fresh coconut.

Calibrating CO2 sensors. Seeing bizarre behavior in a ccs811 breakout board one from last lot. I hope these haven't gotten to the counterfeit stage of popularity.

Brought the CO2 sensor in to work this morning for the weekly dev team meeting. The ventilation system needs a bit of tuning. This might explain why some people get snippy towards the end of the meeting. The peak is where the meeting ended, doors opened, and people stared moving around.

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