Log clutter. Ugh. Time for some weeding.

Writing/debugging raw JS is exhausting. But damn now the thing that'll save me at least an hour a week works.

Anticipating the prospect of soldering tonight

Added a nifty little hand drill and jig to the tool collection. Having small tools on hand payed off well last year.

Huh. `Restart=always` doesn't really mean that.

Got me again, systemd.

Revisiting where my trade-offs are. They've shifted over time.

The ceremonial end-of-decade purge of old, non-working pens is done. A fond adieu for that one color (gray) of Sharpie that's nearly impossible to find now.

Looking at the $15 USD difference between the 2Gb and the 4Gb Raspberry Pi 4s. 12 year old me doesn't understand the words, 20 year old me just paid a significant amount of money for 32K of SDRAM and thinks Megabytes are science fiction, and 50 year old me has 2Gb in his desktop and is living the dream.

Pondering the economics of "just in case" vs. "just in time" research. The past few years have been overly heavy on the former.

i2c co2 sensors arrived. tomorrow, we solder.

Checked 'Getting evacuated from a broken ride at Disneyland' off the bucket list. It was kinda neat. The Haunted Mansion is a very different experience with the sound off and the emergency lights on. A+, would do again.

Feeling a bit guilty that the GPU heat I'm generating in a data center somewhere can't be put to use heating someone's home.

Oh wow. OTA (over-the-air) updates on ESP8266 boards has gotten a lot easier. Maybe only one more round of crawling into the attic to re-flash firmware.

Reminded that a good way to approach vendor documentation is to ask, "how many ways can this be interpreted?" and then work winnow down the possibilities.

One of those days where it's more effective to think on paper than it is to think by typing.

Status: Ignoring a Zen Slap. Maybe tomorrow.

Whoa! Just found

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {

this one's going to be useful.

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