Googled, "gourmet bug-out meals," and found a deliciously crazy set of YouTube videos. Perfect for a Sunday evening.

Funny how 'keeping the ship from sinking' often isn't a fertile ground for learning things.

Staring into the void, hearing the void giggle, and not getting the joke. Unless that is the joke.

With a yearly hosting fee coming due, the task of cleaning up my ancient ISP account finally made to to the front burner. Finally pushed the button to move to newer, less expensive infrastructure. Now for cleanup and decisions. There's little of value in the old, dormant blog. Start a new one, capturing a few bits of useful history?

Attention having been elsewhere, my home computing setup has aged. Drawing up a plan for getting it upgraded. So much toil and yak saving. Feeling oddly guilty that one route is to throw money at the problem and replace stuff.

More proof that an earnest attempt at voiding the warranty isn't sufficient to fix a thing.

WFH for over a year now, so it's a little late to be taking a serious ergonomic eval of my desk environs, but here we are. The lighting sucks, and I could use more pixels. [sound of distant mechanical keyboard approaching]

With that lovely first jab scheduled for next week, temptations to let my guard down are starting to gather in the shadows.

Thanks, Brain, for waking me up at 5am with a better way to code up a solution to a problem I had 35 years ago, on hardware that probably no longer exists.

Not even remembering the first cup of coffee. That's a bad sign.

Pre-ordering popcorn, in anticipation of the eventual Twitter postmortem.

First dragonfly of the season, probably thanks to a neighbor's koi pond.

Found, (and tested and deployed!), a clever use for Shannon Entropy. Reading widely FTW!

At that point in the day, after joining the support forum of a web framework to ask for help on an issue, that having a drink and going out in the back yard to scream kind of sounds appealing.

Failing at seed starts. This doesn't bode well.

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Life raft.

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