Feeling a bit guilty that the GPU heat I'm generating in a data center somewhere can't be put to use heating someone's home.

Oh wow. OTA (over-the-air) updates on ESP8266 boards has gotten a lot easier. Maybe only one more round of crawling into the attic to re-flash firmware.

Reminded that a good way to approach vendor documentation is to ask, "how many ways can this be interpreted?" and then work winnow down the possibilities.

One of those days where it's more effective to think on paper than it is to think by typing.

Status: Ignoring a Zen Slap. Maybe tomorrow.

Whoa! Just found

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {

this one's going to be useful.

Black Friday conveniently coincides with a need to replace two ancient USB backup drives.

github.com/golang/go/issues/35 is an impressive bit of collaborative debuging. Starts off as a Go(long) issue, and ends up in the Linux kernel.

This 'choose your own adventure' quicky side project sure does land on a lot of 'take what you know, burn the code, and start over' pages.

My car has found its next Halloween Costume.

In theory, the impeachment.fyi/ newsletter means one can spend less time throwing lines into the impeachment news stream. Hasn't worked for me. We nearly made popcorn in the office this morning.

So tempted to spent maybe an hour, tops, (tops, I say!) prototyping a static site generator. Absolutely the last thing I need to be doing tonight.

That quick check of the news and weather this morning was a mistake. RIP my productivity today.

A few evenings in to getting sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole on bug out bags, get home bags, and otherwise shit-hits-the-fan prepper bags, I've yet to see one that includes safety glasses and a battery-powered soldering iron.

C'mon people, someone has to be there to fix stuff.

Impeachment hearings are on in the background. Productivity today is taking a big hit. Also, would somoene please drop Nunes in the ocean?

Entirely too much of today was spent finding the pea under the stack of mattresses.

Feels like a good morning to refine problem statements

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