Building out a personal dashboard thing, with tracking for events that I don't want to lose sight of.

A big one: In 6729 days, the 32-bit Unix Clock overflows.

Got into a situation where ipv4 packets were getting dropped, but ipv6 was working, and several steps later, I've learned a bunch of stuff about the comcast networking equipment we're supposed to ignore, and how it's wired, and... WTF two cable modems? both hooked to the same WAP? HOW THE FUCK DID THAT EVER WORK?!?

And now I have a deeper appreciation for why ops people have well-stocked liquor cabinets.

Much of this weekend's grief can be traced back to the version of npm in the Debian/Ubuntu repos being rather old. I might been warned about a year or so ago, but just plain forgot. Not sure I want to explore the politics of the situation.

I'm puzzled. People are clearly getting front-ends deployed using 'modern' techniques. So why are so many tutorials broken? Is the churn in modern front end that high?

My silly brain has an auditory pattern matching failure mode when presented with certain fan/turbine noise, such as one gets on airplanes. In searching for a pattern, it autocompletes to "Scotland the Brave," which oldsters will know as the bagpipe music from the old Old Spice commercials. This could be worse.

Saturday morning catch-up took a surprise turn into the realm of web components. Getting caught up now on various philosophical disputes. was the starting point.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that between 2 and 4 am are the hours when a single CO2 detector, in possession of small alarm, must be in want of a good battery.

Recalling, not exactly fondly, a performance diagnosis that found that 30% of the cpu time in a system was being spent converting between internal date formats.

At that point in a personal project where the front-end can evolve separately from the back-end for a while. Neat when one is the sole developer, but surprisingly dangerous when on a large team when stakeholders only see the surface of the front-end.

I had a plan for getting stuff done today, but that was a dozen interruptions ago. Now it's Friday afternoon, and there are puzzle pieces all over my desk.

My Custom Vans arrived. I went with the business casual look.

Damn. Pads of large graph paper have gotten expensive.

Continuing to incur future obligations in areas with increasing technology churn does seem like an insane strategy. And yet here we are.

BRB, investing in wine futures.

Catching up. Tonight, speed run through two tutorials on setting up auto-scaling groups on EC2. A few bits of the interface are definitely showing their age.

A bookmarklet for hiding both side columns of the new Twitter design. Uncluttered stream FTW

Giving an impromptu lesson on Chrome Developer Tools. Knowing where to add the attribute "display: none" to Medium pages is a super power.

Spending 90 minutes of my Friday afternoon watching CSS Grid tutorial videos, because progress!

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