This hit as I was dozing off last night. I remember wondering if it was a quake, and making a mental note to look it up, but had forgotten it entirely under the morning news.

Reading about extruders while waiting for the VM to rebuild.

A fine afternoon to sit down with the matplotlib docs/src and a cup of coffee ✔️ another cup of coffee ✔️ a cup of tea ✔️ something stronger

Brainstorming on bunch of personal projects. Many are stuck at "why?"

Dissecting PDFs for fun and profit, but without the fun.

There must also be a word in German for that feeling that there's a tiny bit of information that one missed hearing or reading that would suddenly let the puzzle pieces all fall into place.

Looking to set up some sort of simple rsync-based dropbox-like thing, and finding an large amount of spam in search results.

Repair vs. replace... Will the tool I'll need to acquire be useful again, or will it clutter up the tool box?

Several hours of puzzling, and I've caught a third-party component doing an Odd Thing. I've earned that glass of wine that's waiting patiently to be appreciated.

First in means means choosing the starting music. It's Copeland's "Appalachian Spring" this morning.

Frustration-driven development FTW! Getting visibility on what's going on with a piece of our machinery has required tedious, manual steps for entirely too long. But there's always been higher priorities until this week. I'm going to sleep well tonight.

Reached that moment of "It LIVES!" maniacal cackling on a project. Enough of the pieces are there for it to process data end-to-end. Demo time!

Having the time to walk around a problem a few times, considering it from a few angles, has become such a luxury.

I have a shopping cart full of fun DIY IoT components, and a tiny voice in one ear saying they'll all be obsolete by the time a can get to them. Dammit.

So what the app is telling, in civilian language, is that it needs to do a schema migration. Curious, but not 'reach for the android debugging tools' curious.

Just read a write-up on a technical thing that might have saved use several weeks of frustration had it been there 6 months ago. Wondering now if any of the stuff I've been slogging through is worth writing up.

Co-worker's ring tone sounds like something from the Myst soundtrack. Rather pleasant, as ring tones go.

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