Clarifying: the _idea_ of async/await is great. The _implementation_ of it in Swift guarantees that your code _will_ crash unless you rewrite _all of it_ to use async/await.

Before async/await, Swift was my favorite programming language. After async/await, I wouldn’t consider using it for a new project.

Me, every day since 11/8/16: “Wow, yesterday was kinda scary, fucked up and weird. Maybe today things can start to go back to normal.”

(Wait, no, strike that: every day since 3/21/70.)

Ever wonder what would happen if you tried to make it as difficult for a company to get money from you as they do for you to get money from them?

“I am in receipt of the invoice for the electric bill at <my home address>. Before a check can be disbursed to you, please submit a notarized copy of your corporate charter and three months worth of bank statements.”

A few years back, I worked at a startup.

Part of my compensation package was options. They told me they expected the options to be worth a couple of million.

Now that the company has gone public (no, I still can’t sell my shares, why would you expect that?), if I sold everything today it would net out to significantly less than a year’s salary.

If I had been able to say “nah just give me 10% of that number, but in cash”, I would be significantly better off.

Equity compensation is wage theft.

Called my incompetent (because I can’t download a statement from their web site) financial institution to request they email a statement to the email address already on file for my account.

Rep says “first we have to do an authentication step with a secret code.” I said “are you fucking kidding me? I just want an account statement emailed to the address you already have on file!”

He would not proceed with the call (or summon a supervisor) until I apologized for using the F word.

I hung up.

I am pleased to report that I am (a) home, and (2) alive. Both were not guaranteed.

I promise to never again travel without my CPAP.

Tech employees whose compensation is half equity (or more): you still happy about that?

Equity comp is bullshit and always has been. I didn’t choose to gamble in the stock market, but I lose anyway.

Tomorrow's NYT crossword puzzle can go fuck itself.

gender politics 

This product appears to exist solely so that it can be carried for plausible deniability. (It seems to have no other redeeming features.)

Life raft.

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