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The 1st variant since Delta that looks quite concerning. Awaiting functional assessment data for the impact of extensive spike (and other) mutations. Does not follow the theorized “Delta plus” expected path of a new VoC/variant of interest

I’m reading about the latest New World patches with bugs worse than what they’re supposed to fix and wow. I want to read the eventual case study on Amazon’s management disasters in their games division, because this is amazing and horrifying to watch.

Never any regrets putting Rust into production. The language and its ecosystem are accessible. The results have been high-quality. We haven't had any super-demanding workloads, mind you. (Most of us don't.)

Well, I get to take a victory lap for today. The entire team gets to feel good, because today was solidly boring.

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I'm starting to suspect 'DAO' means 'tax avoidance'

Today is graph-watching day. It’s one of two national holidays for the legal cannabis industry. (Probably for the black market one too, but I don’t track that.)

So far I like the graphs I’m watching.

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“Facebook has spent over $5 billion this year on safety and security and dedicated 40,000 people to work on these issues” – Meta spokesperson Drew Pusateri

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NFTs are like if there was a two-cycle lawn mower engine hooked up to Captain Picard’s replicator that created and posted an URL to a cryptographically signed certificate for each cup of Earl Grey saying that the Captain paid for a certificate saying he paid for his tea.

insert “that’s one big block of cheese” reference here
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Still the greatest graphic of all time

Happy to Peter Capaldi and his Floof! The Twelfth Doctor is my Doctor, a thing I did not believe existed before Twelve arrived. 💙

I regret to inform you all that I missed a notable cover of "My Sharona" in this thread. I give you... Steve'n'Seagulls!

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If we hype Web4 enough, we can will it into existence.

A semi-serious feature-list:

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The Embarcadero Freeway really was surreally horrific

The UX is an unfinished mess with hilarious machine translation everywhere, but the meat of the game is solid. If you like this sort of thing, you'll like MoE.

If you aren't sure it's your jam, here's ESO's livestream from character creation on:

There's also a major social component with guilds + alliances and some large, difficult PvE goals, as well as straight-up full-loot PVP on (optional) pvp servers. The overall goal is empire-building and territory conquest.

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