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This is a great video on the state of new Skyrim mods in 2021. tl;dr: people are doing ridiculous work to make this game look great nearly 10 years after its release.

For example, I can complain that it panicked on the first thing I tried to have it lint! That’s new & different behavior from a linter!

Giving RSLint a try, because, well, I am tired of hauling around a node interpreter and a directory full of NPM packages to do things. It’s time for new and different things to complain about!

sometimes I just despair ever getting the people things right

I had occasion to pump gas into my car today for the first time in a year. Holy heck, I haven’t been out of my house much in a _year_.

Farengar's rooms at Dragonsreach. The mod is JK's Dragonsreach.

I should be reviewing a Boltzmann PR. I should be working on a million work things I'm behind on. I should be [insert task here]. Instead I am tinkering with a perfectly great Skyrim load order like some kind of idiot.

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This photo fascinates me. Look at the ratio of wing length to body size.

Eagle: Much bigger body.

Osprey: Longer wings.

Ospreys dive into the water to catch fish, so their wings have to be very large in proportion to the rest of the body, so they can pull out of the water.

Welp. The ACLU ain’t perfect, but it’s getting some more dollars from me now for this one.
BREAKING: The Arkansas legislature overrode Governor Hutchinson’s veto on HB 1570, a bill that would ban health care for trans youth.

We are preparing litigation as we speak.

Masks will still be required, but this is pretty great news.
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California will retire its color-coded system on June 15 and allow almost all sectors of the economy — in all counties — to reopen at or near full capacity.

The move signals a dramatic shift in the state’s pandemic response.

I have infinity work to do, so of course I am staring into space instead of doing it.

So somebody was trolling Twitter with a ridiculous take on horror & SF, aka the peanut butter and chocolate of genres, and we all took the bait? Okay. If this is our new post-T**** twitter, I’m for it.

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If you're mad that corporations can make business decisions in response to laws they don't like, you're going to be *furious* when you find out what Citizens United lets them do

And now I go try to fight my way back into Whiterun. I was an idiot and accepted the Dawnguard quest, so vampires are now attacking everything. I am really annoyed by my own stupidity. They're at least 5 levels over my head and they are slaughtering everybody in the city. D:

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