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“It’s already broken. You just don’t know it yet.” —

This just in: Fezzik is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had my entire face licked by.

And I now must get myself out of pajamas into work mode, so you are spared any more covers. You may safely proceed to look at Twitter.

I have now dug into the live covers pile on YouTube and and I was so very wrong: there are LOTS of enthusiastic covers of this great little song that is sadly not actually about cows.

Daryl Hall with Nick Lowe, both of them demonstrating that good musicians age well:

Here is a very faithful cover, replacing the acoustic with a Rickie. It’s always nice to add a little chime.

If people have covered this song, You Tube does not have many of them. I have found one.

How have people not covered this song? It is a pop gem.

I have no point here, I just like saying that Letterman is absurdly young here, well, I mean, duh, it was 1983. I graduated high school in 1983. I was absurdly young too.

cruel to be kine
in the right pasture
cruel to be kine
it’s a very good sign
cruel to be kine
means that you’re [I get stuck here]

Unexpected side effect of working from home: I’m waaaaay behind on all my podcasts.

My lorge son Fezzik just enthusiastically licked my nostrils and I am torn between horror and adoration.

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But there was a problem! If you run your workload inside of a container, you know where that container is running at any given time. That's unacceptable, so Google invented Kubernetes to combine their two favorite things: nondeterminism and being condescending to everyone.

RT if you have ever refused to throw a Cat-5 cable away because you know the second you do, you’re going to need that thing.

Damning indictment on what Google has always been.

It's impossible to fight the bosses on our own.

Our only option is to organize collectively, build worker power, and change the direction of these monstrosities.

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