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RT *not, even.

My theory is that to be an effective developer with a high level of impact on a team, you _must_ be willing to let your team influence your personal foibles & opinions. (It's a two way street, of course, but "architect" makes it sound like it's unidirectional.)

Why is “architect” such a toxic title in the software industry? Cause I sure do recoil in horror from it because of bad experiences with thus-titled people.

- copy and paste CSS
- waste a bunch of time switching between two different templates until your boss finally decides on one
- write alt text
- contribute to an "agile" development team

Required experience:
- Master's degree in computer science
- 8+ years experience writing Python, C++ or R
- top secret security clearance

Oswin has a new trick. That new trick is picking my wallet up by the lanyard and carrying it to interesting places.

How has *your* morning gone?

Now Mina is telling everybody how much she hates Oswin. Jerk.

It's raining, and it's supposed to rain off and on for a week. Oswin woke us up in the predawn hours with excited yelling that was apparently 100% about telling us it was raining. Mina is telling me all about it right now.

David: We've seen Brie Larson before.
Me: Oh?
David: In Scott Pilgrim.
Me: I hated that movie. I wanted to punch the lead in the face over and over.

Elect more women everywhere

The Library of Congress has released a curated set of free-to-use cat images. 😺

Just gave a lunchtime talk at work about the rewrites/redesigns in progress and am still in post-performance mode.

I read the St Crispin’s day speech to start. I found it funny.

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Life raft.

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