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Apropos of nothing: The Grabthar's Hammer subplot in Galaxy Quest is one of the finest setups and payoffs in movie history. His voice drips with contempt when he first says it, until THAT powerfully emotional payoff. Only Alan Rickman could pull off both sides of it.

In the end, I only got one thing done today, but I did do a lot of typing to reach that dismally modest conclusion. So uh, yeah, normal programming day.

Two things to note.

How long Gibson’s at-bat was! I always seem to forget that between viewings.

How Scully just sits back, stays quiet, and lets the crowd noise and the Dodgers’ reactions tell the story.

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I watched this one live at the time, and it was the only time in my life I rooted for the Dodgers.

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Scully was the master of the American art of live storytelling that is calling a baseball game. This happened before I was born, and it does not come with a video, but Scully took us all there.

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Vin Scully.

You knew it was coming, but it’s still sad.

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Vin Scully tells the story of what made him fall in love with the game of baseball 💙

David wanders in and says: “We need a Bethesda / FromSoft collaboration.”
Me: “OMG. That FromSoft combat with Bethesda’s writing and living worlds?”
David: “And no hints!”

I wanted to retweet this entire thread, but THIS one in particular. TALK TO EACH OTHER. TALK. Things are unclear? Contentious? TALK. However that works for your org, async or sync.

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You replace much of the 'process' flow with.. communication. You talk to stakeholders way more. You talk about the opportunity. you talk about what you're learning. You talk about the code with engineers.

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Make changing course *before* that time cheap. Make changing course *after* that time expensive organizationally.

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But because we have a backlog, that means we have a plan. We've invested time in the plan! Product has done all sorts of planning. Design has designed. Deviation is expensive for them. So we plan harder, or we get mad when engineers can't deliver what we planned.

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So, what happens to deadlines if you work this way? How can we ever make promises to the business, or anyone else? Lets flip it around: how did you do this with Scrum? How often were you right? (Answer: pretty fucking rarely)

Update: I’m still listening to the Boss’s live cover of “You never can tell” on repeat, but since I wear headphones to do this my spouse has not murdered me. Also, how can you listen to that and feel murderous?

1. This 3-way json/yaml/toml tool is a pretty handy and clever bit of work:

2. I’m singing its name to “P.Y.T.”

3. MJ was a bad human being but that’s still a good track.

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Fogust began fog-free with a brilliant display of color at sunset near Pescadero. The only post-processing was to crop, with colors right out of the camera. 8/1/2022

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Oh, hey @propublica's news apps team is hiring -- again! We use our coding, design and data analysis skills to do deep investigative reporting that has real-world impact. Join us!

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When you have disappointed your Austrian Art Nouveau vase from 1905.

I accidentally played this today and now I have it on loop because well, you know, here it is.

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I found this ancient thing today. In 1984, Apple was so proud of selling 72,000 Macs in 100 days that they took out this cheeky double-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to brag about it. Now they sell more than that every 2 days. And they sell that many iPhones every 4 hours.

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