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Meanwhile the money in the industry was all being made by, he points out, the company famous for the BSOD, which had a monopoly position that it ruthlessly exploited and savvy sales people who knew how to manipulate.

David is telling me a story from writing software for the American Stock Exchange in 1985 or 6 to display options trading info and it is a wild story of a very different time. That software that sat there doing its job sans maintenance for 12 years.

I finished a blog post. I did some important life tasks. Do I get to play Elden Ring now? I think maybe I do.

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1/There are people who are genuinely trying to talk intelligently about cryptocurrencies, but can’t because they don’t have historical background. This thread tries to correct that by suggesting required reading. First, it’s necessary to know what problem it attempts to solve.

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1/ As someone who spent a year, three decades ago, reporting on breastfeeding and formula support/access/tradeoffs, first for @ChicagoReporter and then for @wcp, please allow me to provide a few basic fucking facts

Bookmarking this one.
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"Shut The Fuck Up," Say Experts: "Just Shut The Fuck Up Right Now You Stupid Fuck," "God Fucking Dammit You're Going to Ruin Everything You Bastard," "Fuck You & the Shitty Fucking Horse You Rode in On, You Irredeemable Fuck"

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Scoop: We got a leaked memo with Apple's anti-union talking points for managers to use at their retail stores.

Script says workers could lose career opportunities, the ability to take time off for personal reasons, merit-based promotions if they unionize

En re: Bethesda delaying Starfield past their favorite release date of 11/11: Yes, please delay it. No more games broken or horrific on release day, okay? And don’t you dare make your staff work 7 days a week to hit any date.

I had some answers, but I definitely don’t have all the answers and it remains to be seen how what I did will work out over time.

But here in the real world, you might not have any humans left who understand something, and you are also building things that will be maintained by people you’ll never meet. So what do you do?

I asked myself that, anyway.

The point of the essay is that you have to have a good working mental model of a system (or a single program) to change it without harming it, and that the best way to build a model is to learn from other humans who already have one.

Not just as a technical leader, btw. As a programmer and a person doing smaller projects now and then, I changed what I do to help a future maintainer. That future maintainer might be my amnesiac future self, as I like to say.

This is the best explainer I’ve seen for this week’s ponzi currency shenanigans.

Okay, that’s done. Now on to the hard part of the day, which is writing email and DMs.

How reading "Programming as Theory-Building" changed my priorities as a technical leader

Second blog post done, in theory, but I will let it sit overnight and revise it in the morning. Revision is where the magic happens for most things.

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Much value in crypto is gone,
And NFT hype has withdrawn.
Exchanges’ top bosses
Cannot stem the losses.
The apes, apathetic, look on.

Oh COOL hugo renumbered my footnotes so they’re in the order they appear in the text. I mean, yay software doing what software absolutely can do?

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