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🦀✨ @rustlang 1.58.0 was released just now!

As usual, a thread to highlight some of the new features:


In re: last retweet: Stop trying to get out of jury duty. Do your job as a juror if called, and bring every one of your values to the work.

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Dear Black People, if you are summoned for jury duty please do everything in your power to stay on the jury. As lawyers, We NEED you.

Me: I’m going to lube, film, and maim my Hippos. I have to watch a video about how first.
D: Maim?
Me: Cut off two legs.

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Some of my constellation / star cats!🌟(=`ω´=) Wallpaper size available, link in comments... ✨

“Jorts” now means any orange boy kitty with excellent praxis.

This is good. I accept it.

This mug is in fact keeping my coffee hot and it’s weirding me out. I expected a mouthful of lukewarm coffee just now and did not get that.

I am reminded that this is a thing I’m trying to do now: For all questions I ask of peeps in Slack, I try to start with a statement about the urgency level of the question (usually not high) and the time-sensitivity.

David just gave me my birthday present. (My birthday was in November.) It is one of those smart heated coffee mug Ember things.


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🔥 Strong winds create unusual shapes in the frozen sand alongside Lake Michigan

Today I am writing javascript. Friday I was reading C#. Last week I was writing Rust. It’s a polyglot world.

My coffee has gone cold.

To be clear, I could have drunk it while it was hot. But I didn’t.

The Mage's College at Winterhold and the statue of Azura in view at the same time.

It's not that I think is a perfect game, or that I would play it without mods to fix the bugs. It's that's... well, 10 years after its release I just found this poor person on an iceberg for the first time.

I am here for the things I did not predict. You probably have one of those things in your pocket. Try the other pocket. The deep one. Ah, yes, there it is!

Hey, btw, if you're following me and would like a follow back, the TERRIBLE PRICE of admission is to have a pleasant conversation with me. About, you know, anything interesting, where "interesting" is practically anything.

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Fucking THANK YOU this is the first time I’ve ever in my life seen a major publication headline actually frame it correctly.

“According to a new report by economists at the Federal Reserve, [the Millennials killed everything] genre of news analysis is pure fiction.”

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