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Hi! 👋

Lots of recruiter emails & questions.

Truthfully, I've been considering this decision for several weeks, and decided to use this opportunity to apply at >50< different organizations. Why? So I could see what the process is like for people these days.

I've learned a lot.

My last 2 months have been about replacing problematic or simply crufty node services with drop-in Rust replacements. It’s been fun to do this without disturbing the surface of the water.

Today I wrote some surgical-strike javascript for a remarkably annoying but critical-path task, and was reminded of how miserable it is when promise API collide with callback APIs. Which is still a thing in 2021.

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Just (finally) published a pre-release of uuid 1.0: a library for working with UUIDs 🎉

Also just updated @datalust_seq's Rust codebase to use it. Here's our diff between 0.8 and 1.0. If you get a chance to try before we commit to 1.0 I'd love your input!

So anyway, shipped another rage-rewrite in rust today, as that graph I posted earlier hinted. There are only 4 microservice targets left, and I already have the next one in my sights.

Been thinking about this one all day. Our default context for this is “work”, but this is also what people talk to therapists about: coping mechanisms we invent for one set of circumstances are maladaptations in different circumstances.

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I liked this framing from the book "Behind Human Error":

People adapt techniques in order to get their work done. Failures happen when these adaptive techniques break down in the…

Generally a disgrace.
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NEW: PlayStation boss Jim Ryan slammed Activision Blizzard this morning, writing in an email to staff that he was "disheartened and frankly stunned" by this week's news. "We do not believe their statements of response properly address the situation."

Tomorrow I’ll probably need to worry about those spikes.

I intend to sit here and feel good about this graph for the rest of today.

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I liked this framing from the book "Behind Human Error":

People adapt techniques in order to get their work done. Failures happen when these adaptive techniques break down in the face of complexity.

This whole Realms of Ruin story (mint your fanfic of this new IP as NFTs) baffles me. What do records on an immutable distributed ledger add to the experience of writing fanfic?

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Lambda School has renamed itself “BloomTech” and pivoted into student loans. The twist is a refund offer, with interesting fine print.

You must apply to *checks math* 460 jobs.

Someone offers you a 3 month gig in Siberia? No refund.

Still arguing with these two podcast hosts, to the annoyance of my cat and my husband.

How does sprinkling blockchain on a “digital object” make you own that object?

What is ownership anyway?

If you are not aware of this human’s work, I commend this to your attention:

and also the twittarz for this epic thread on NFTs:
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For days now I've been accepting every spam NFT Discord invite I've received, and it's getting dire

“NFTs solve this problem”.
Dan Olson: “No they don’t.”

Heh. I am REALLY looking forward to his video documentary on NFTs.

BUT I SHALL YELL that this podcast host’s comment about NFTs bringing cachet and respectability to generative art that it never had before is… staggeringly unaware of a lot of work in generative art over decades.

get off my lawn

I am now pausing this podcast so I can argue with the hosts, so uh… is this the Gen X version of shouting at the TV?

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