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This Cloudflare incident is the most hilarious thing, made even better by the cloud-to-butt browser extension used by the colleague screen-sharing while we work around it.

Nixon “intimate* biography retweet because it’s October and I’m seriously lacking in the horror content thus far.

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Likes: Dislikes:
- kittens - Commies
- rainbows - Kennedys
- pumpkins - Spiro Agnew

The Real Nixon (1958)

I don’t really need anything more than Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka. I’m good with what I have.

Adapt a different book, one not yet ruined by Hollywood. Adapt 50 different books. There are lots.

Oooh, the Cities of the North series now includes Falkreath! Unique architecture for each of the holds!

This is fact.
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Ninth Doctor/Rose/Jack was a throuple. They were polyamorous. This isn’t head canon, or subtext, it is LITERALLY text they all flirt AND the Doctor & Jack both respond violently to losing Rose AND Jack kisses both goodbye. It’s canon. Period.

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not a fan of tracking time

but as a team experiment for a week or two, you get nuggets like doesn't need to be perfect to get good insights

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you've heard of the block chain
get in, we're headed for the 𝚂𝚆𝙰𝙿 𝙲𝙷𝙰𝙸𝙽

Struggling gamely to finish a small task before I give up and start my weekend. I’m still tired from that slow-burn incident.

Guaranteed to send your metabolism through the roof, fix your posture, and give you great biceps.

I have a new workout methodology. It’s called Always Be Deadlifting. Every day is a deadlift day. Do whatever you feel like doing with kettlebells as accessory work: swings, stiff-legged deadlifts, Turkish get-ups, juggling, snatches, deficit deadlifts. You know, deadlifts.

Waiting the many minutes it takes for my gaming pc to be usable after a restart. Sigh.

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@brianloveswords @ceejbot I refer to this a lot as 30/70/90% feedback. At 30 or 70% I'm going to ignore any line-edit comments

There. Have an analogy for your afternoon/evening/morning/other time of day.

Another example of a developmental edit happening way too late is security review after implementation is complete. Do that review when you’re working on early drafts.

Developmental edits on a finished PR also represent wasted work: the time for this was earlier, before all the testing and polish went in. So seek out feedback on an approach that might benefit from feedback earlier!

Line edits (linting, comments that “this doesn’t compile”, etc) are wasted on an unfinished PR made for the purposes of getting feedback on the overall approach.

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