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Weight: a bit over 205 lbs on the floor and a bit under 285 at the top.

If this fat 55-year-old Karen can mask up to pull this in multiple sets while wearing a bourbon t-shirt, you can darn well mask up to go grocery shopping.

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We caught a zero-click, zero day iMessage exploit used by NSO Group's spyware.

Target? Saudi activist.

We reported the exploit to @Apple, which just pushed an emergency update.


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LOU (ulterior) Ultimate Black Hole (Actually Quite Exaggerated)

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These magical autochromes were taken 107 years ago at Lulworth Cove in Dorset, in August 1913 - less than a year before The Great War. They were taken by Lieutenant Colonel Mervyn O’Gorman and show the young Christina Bevan (1897-1981). They are original colour & not colourised.

Sorry about the screen in that photo, but it’s the best way to get them in shot without disturbing them!

A second look at the Rube Goldfinch machine. At least 20 lesser goldfrunch are nomming.

We identified the duplicates, I note, without needing to find our own personal copies to verify.

The dupes _would_ make a solid starter SF&F kit, albeit one that cuts off at the year of The Merging, 1998.

Also if we got rid of our books, how would we know we have lived?

two people who couldn’t even cull the duplicates when they merged their libraries upon marriage

I keep my books because I love re-reading them and lending them to friends and nobody ever fucking enters my house anyway in these plague years, you absolutely unutterable FT writer.

I can’t know what’s going on inside what I assume is a large development team, or what goes into their decision-making. I can only say as a customer that ooooof it’s not putting a good foot forward or making me feel trust about long-term quality.

New World has some weird-ass bugs, however. Bugs that were present in the closed beta and still present in the open beta, despite how obvious they are. The open beta client also has some huge performance regressions in it.

The absence of certain topics on my timeline is intentional. Carry on.

I might play some more ICARUS (shoutcase) today because I already know I’m playing New World at launch.

Solo play was brutally hard. It seems balanced for co-op right now.

Here’s a live stream if you want a taste:

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