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Announcement: I will henceforth be referring to bitcoin, chia, etc as “ponzi currencies”. I will not be taking questions at this time.

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Hey it's so you know what that means: time for some Marketing Shenanigans!

If you like stories that center friendship and found family, here's an epic tale for your TBR:

I will confess that I _do not understand_ why anyone would get on a cruise ship right now voluntarily. (I get why the crew is there.)

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What Johnson and co. haven't realised is that supermarket supply management is starting to prioritise core goods as the crisis deepens with road haulage.

If you start noticing a lack of booze on supermarket shelves this is why.

And a UK booze shortage will be harder to dismiss.

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I actually memorized all of this joke. One of my appearances on Joker's Wild. This is from 1971. I delivered a mother-in-law joke but with a difference. Its how a nuclear scientist explains the danger of eating radioactive cabbages to a mother-in-law. In plain, simple English.

The CAT just administered his periodic COVID TEST to the ENTIRE HOUSE and I am happy/sad to report that we all still have a sense of SMELL oh my GOD CAT WHAT HOW

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I'm curious: what is local dev like at your company these days? What are the lifecycles of shipping a service? Do you have personal clusters, staging, or something else?

Friends who prefer pronouns OTHER than he/him: how do you feel about the word “ser” as a form of polite address for everybody? I am looking to replace “sir” in my daily vocab and switch to a gender neutral term. (If you do use he/him I am NOT interested in your take on this.)

Okay here goes another hour or two of trying to get used to a split keyboard layout!

I have just spent half an hour reading the official @playnewworld forums and as usual after reading MMO player forums, I feel like I’ve lost brain cells.

I’m going to go play the beta instead.

Love to get email from Zoom telling me that I joined my own scheduled Zoom meeting and am waiting for myself. Harmlessly hilarious bugs are the best!

Whatever else goes on in this mad, mad world, LLBean will always have an infinite supply of black t-shirts for me to buy and wear until they fall apart.

(If this is not true do not ever tell me.)

That pleasant memory I had of flying over Netherstorm in WOW riffing on Coleridge is now tainted by knowing what the people who made that place were doing to the women around them, whilee I was playing their game.

I complain about sexism in the tech industry (as I would) but holy fuck the games industry is nightmare-level worse.

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Republicans are winning by killing their own voters. Should Democrats start killing their own voters too?

This added some clarity to my thinking on this. It’s a political strategy that might win in the long term, while costing lives that GOP politicians don’t care about in the short term.
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Ever wonder why so many Republicans think it is good politics to expose their voters to a deadly virus?

Here's my take

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