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please opine @darth I think this dog is using the couch perfectly
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I just don't know how to convince her that this is not how couches are meant to be used.

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Jeff Bezos forgot to thank all the hardworking Americans who actually paid taxes to keep this country running while he and Amazon paid nothing.

Looked briefly into Alacritty, noted that it doesn’t support tabs, closed the browser tab. Kitty it is! For now.

Now at work inbox 10. From 500 to 10. There is nothing that humans build that humans cannot also ruin.

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I'm happy to be able to share that I'm starting a new gig at @eaze next week! I'm very jazzed to be able to work with awesome people like @jefflembeck, @isntitvacant, @ceejbot, @explodedsoda, @Fishrock123, @trevorbrindlejs, @coderguyfrank and other fine folks I've yet to meet.

Pro tip for saas marketers out there: I am never going to use something you spammed me about. Stop.

Ugh I let that work email sit too long. Yes, it’s 90% SAAS spam, but that last 10%…

work inbox 500 down to work inbox 238 almost immediately

why does email still exist

On the minus side, I completely forgot about that can of ginger ale I got out of the fridge.

On the plus side, I also forgot to open it.

David is now cross-checking the Sibley guide to confirm the Merlin Bird ID identification.

David put a wired controllable security camera in the back, set up for watching the bird feeders. It’s kind of a crappy camera tho.

Definitely gonna need a better camera at this rate.

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Hot take: The SRE book is a history book, not a manual. (1/)

hoist! with my own petard again

says the person earwormed YET AGAIN with the Ocarina of Time shop song

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