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Fever rose back over 100F so I took a second Tylenol. Ugh.

It’s still worthwhile.

Ugh. Just ugh. It’s exactly like being sick except it’s an investment in being healthy.

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At least one of my graduate students did not know this so: by law, California employers must supply the pay scale of the job you are applying for if you request it. They may not ask you about your current or previous salary, or rely on it when deciding how much to pay you.

Soon, autoflâneur, soon.
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Enter the nearest cafe, order the drink you are most likely to enjoy, and find a comfortable place to drink it.

The sore arm kicked in about 12 hours after the shot, in the middle of an epically slouchy Columbo-watching session. I spent a slightly miserable night and now have a mild fever.

Drinking water as advised.

I seem to be feeling fine if a bit tired so thus far no drastic 2nd dose reactions.

nvlink (aka sli) still not working. Am extremely grumpy but also not entirely functional.

I haven’t got nvlink (the whole point if the exercise) working yet but I’m feeling a little draggy and might nap.

Probably it’s all back together and plugged in again. Probably.

Putting the nvme sdds in early, when it’s very easy. These are new and I LOVE THEM. (Hands in first shot are David’s baseball mitts.)

CPU transferred to the nearly-identical except for one thing new board. I didn’t need to remove those brackets so I put them back onto the older board.

Mobo out. Cooler mounting bracket coming off. CPU transfer coming next.

So I am now drenched with sweat and I don’t know if it was this mild bit of small screw manipulation or vaccine. I didn’t break a sweat carrying the case across the house.


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Life raft.

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