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This is not about me, this is about your workers—who you don't treat with enough respect or dignity.

Start by acknowledging the inadequate working conditions you've created for ALL your workers, then fix that for everyone & finally, let them unionize without interference.

Current status: alternating between depression and enthusiasm setting up the HIMBO Skyrim mod. (It's a male body mod. I am installing it with underwear because I don't want nudity for this playthrough, but 'ware screenshots if you search for this term.)

Current activity: haunting vaccination appointment sites on my spouse’s behalf.

Mina had a vet visit today. As you know, she has distinguished herself at previous vet visits by pooping on the vet. Today she managed not to do that, but she did poop all over her cat carrier.

She goes limp with fear at the vet. It makes her a docile patient, but poor cat.

I hate my brain. So functional in some ways; so non-functional in others.

Now to cancel the one that’s 80 miles away to free it up for somebody else…

Oh my god I finally got a vaccination appointment within 50 miles of my house.

Okay, I think this load order will do. The Folkvangr grass mod looks spectacular.

In the last few days I have finished reading the Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner. (Six books; I had read the first two a couple of weeks ago.) Good stuff. Recommended.

The J&J single dose is available here though. I am… probably not going to drive 5 hours twice to get jabbed. Probably.
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A TON of Oakland coliseum appointments just opened up for this weekend.

J&J vaccines. All you need is one shot.

Make appointments here:

Spread the word to eligible loved ones.

Well, I have made an appointment for a vax in Stockton, which is a 2.5 hour drive away, because somebody pointed out that Walgreens’s UX will let you reschedule more quickly than making a fresh appointment, which is true.

Fezzik chose to post this tweet before I finished typing it

I was stressing just now and Fezzie somehow chose this moment to arrive on my lap and rumble at me. Work colleagues are periodically graced by Fezzik-cat providing AMSR of extremely loud purring. He is truly the golden retriever of cat

For me it’s a lost year, something I need to recover from but not something that shapes who I am in a long-lasting way. But for people younger than I am right now, it will be that.

I have been thinking about the last year and what it did to us all. It’s a generational marker for sure. I wish to live long enough to see how it manifests in the fiction written by people who are kids right now.

Current status: just kinda stressed out. Damn, I need these four days of doing nothing pretty badly.

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