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Today for @esquire I wrote about Ted Cruz and how the pandemic has made everyone bad parents.

Today… today is Friday. Time feels a little bit like it’s returning to normal. We’re still in lockdown over here, but we’re no longer in hyper-vigilant mode watching an unstable President.

The normal state of disappointment is such a relief!

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To set the record straight:

-"Prototype" is when a designer does a half-assed job

-"Proof of concept" is when a developer does a half-assed job

-"MVP" is when the entire team does a half-assed job

Well, that was a day. A very interesting & weird day that ended with a pleasant little bit of hacking.

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I got tired of responding to every bad take regarding the Facebook Australia news on Twitter, and have now written a longer post about it. Just don't try to share it on FB in Australia.

How absurd am I? this absurd:

My work Macbook has one of the terrible Apple keyboards. I _could_ work in my office & dock it to my excellent gaming mechanical keyboard. But I want to slouch on my couch!

So I slouch with a 60% mini on my couch, which rests on my knees.

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So I would like my Texan followers (and only my Texan followers) to tell me what they’ve been dealing with the last few days. Please tag with and include me and @tedcruz in your @ mentions.

Non-Texans, please just spread the word but don’t play-act here. Thanks.

Anyway, I’m on the lookout for the next good coworkers-converse-via-mostly-text app to use the next time I have decision power over this.

Periodically I try to navigate around Lever and scream in horror. And of course there’s Dropbox, the poster child for this. What we wanted was for that synced folder thing to be as fast & reliable as possible but what we got was… another password manager?

Slack has definitely matured to the stage where it’s building confusing, cluttering features that tick off corporate buyer checklists but steadily make the core product that people care about harder and harder to use.

When you tame boars in Valheim you can pat them and they love you with hearts everywhere ALSO they breed and produce boar piglets that look exactly like this BUT you can’t pat the piglets.


We are continuing to enjoy the heck out of Valheim. Best with friends, I think, and best approached as a sandbox with loose eventual goals.

I have signed up with my county to be notified when the COVID-19 vaccination might be available for me. It’s probably not going to be for months yet, but at least I’ll be informed!

Also I did start the day with an hour of high intensity workout (light-for-me deadlifts for reps, kettlebell swinging, etc). That probably mattered.

I got a ton of work done today on the task I’d been procrastinating on and I FEEL BETTER NOW. I wish I understood why I had been having trouble with it.

The one thing I did differently today was put on music to work to. I can work to this stuff for hours:

I think it would be beyond foolish to trust that *anything* Google builds will be around for the long haul.

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