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My former Toastmasters group is shaking its head at all these professional speakers who can’t keep to their time limit.

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these republican reps fucking suck lmao are you watching this shit

They’re rearing up on their hind legs and going *on record* to defend him. It’s astonishing.

Love to hear all these reps defending the President who incited an insurrection that killed 5 people last week. Just love it.

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I've decided to stop "programming in C" and to start writing "C shanties"

I missed you, obscene imaginary friendo.
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I take this job home, you headless frump!

I am not a deep Ableton Live expert, but I have done some diving and feel comfortable using chunks of its feature set. They’re time investments for real.

Status: trying out Bitwig. I own Ableton. I have never attempted Logic.

My JetPens order shipped. My JetPens order is a Totoro journal. I don’t think anybody can possibly judge me for this.

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NEW: Amazon has filed its reply to Parler's lawsuit, listing more than a dozen examples of what it said was violent content on Parler that violated AWS's terms.

Amazon also invokes , making this a high-profile test of the law Trump despises.

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The rockhoppers on the left are heading out to sea, the ones on the right are heading back to the rookery having been out at sea. I love the conflab they have when they meet... and the confused penguin at the end!! 😂

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(because this could come off as "a macho thing")
- parsers are not macho. they have nice inputs & outputs. they're fun to test. once you get them working, they continue to work.
- less macho tasks like "scripting a webpage" is a world of unknowns in comparison and requires grit.

David’s uncle passed away from COVID-19 last week. He was 85 years old, and in SoCal. Too late for him, and for 4000 people a day right now, but let’s get those vaccines out.

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This is an important move.

Today, we asked our vaccine workgroups to look into CA’s guidance and consider broadening our priority groups to 65+ ASAP.

I can say that @rosaliechan17 will do right by you if you do contact her.
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Also not visible because of paywall: If you're a Microsoft or GitHub employee with a tip, you can contact @rosaliechan17 via dm or through various (secure!) means listed on her author page:

loving that Vangelis brass, though I wish it were less wobbly (I know, I know, I complain about a gift here)

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I don't have much to add to this github shit, except this:

when a company takes a stand, it tilts the balance on who is likely to apply, to want to work there, to stay working there, to feel safe, to feel empowered

Chickadee on the railing, stealing some sunflower seeds out from under the squirrels. A scrub jay was there earlier. Mostly, though, the squirrels get them all and I am beginning to resent this.

Except that they *are* super-cute.

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Legit Nazis attacked our nation's capitol. My Jewish friends are rightfully freaked out (as is most of the country). @github: "both sides". Giant mistake by @Microsoft.

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