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we do this all the time and I 💜 it so much. it comes in a few flavors:

- targeted, timeboxed "let's solve this problem together" meetings
- unstructured, open Zoom calls where we "cowork" on different things with casual chatter
- ad hoc "I'm stuck" sessions to unblock people

If I poured this coffee all over myself right now, it would represent a significant improvement in how my day is going.

I’m trying out the new hotness in development fads, which is the monofile in the monorepo. And TBH, once you get into the habit of splitting your editor window into six different panes it’s a total breeze. Super-efficient.

I’m subtweeting myself with that last tweet, in case you were wondering.

This is worth your dollars, if you have a few to spare.
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There are at least 🍑300,000🍑 eligible Georgia citizens who are not registered to vote.⁣

For every $2 you donate, @GoRegister2Vote will be able to reach one new voter with the materials they need to register by first-class expedited mail:

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open source and capitalism are cool because one of the very few people whose work might have legitimately generated anywhere close to a billion dollars in value was almost too poor to keep doing that work

The public feed. The mashup of the public feed and Google Maps. The users inventing @-replies. Third-party apps providing the word tweet, pull to refresh, and the bird logo.

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Tweet something that lets me know your a

GO 🗣

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Would love to see every Democrat in Congress put out statements highlighting this story and making the case for why coronavirus relief legislation cannot include blanket liability protection for businesses.

oh good LORD
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EXCLUSIVE: Right before he was put in charge of a Senate subcommittee with jurisdiction over the Navy, Sen. David Perdue began buying up stock in a company that made submarine parts.

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It's not just Foster. It's every single writer or artist who created comic books in the Star Wars / Aliens / Predator franchises for Dark Horse Comics that are now being reprinted by Disney / Marvel. They are getting zero royalties on those reprints.

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If Disney proceeds on this basis, I am offering contingent-fee representation to everyone who has ever licensed something FROM Disney to sell the license to a new entity and then keep making products but not pay royalties to Disney. HMU, as the young kids say.

David and I met at a Philcon. (No really, we did. NERDS NERDS NERDS)

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Philcon is taking place online THIS Friday!

The program is posted at

No membership fee (but donations are appreciated)

Cancelling student loan debt is such an obviously good progressive policy in so many ways.
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Generations of discrimination have left communities of color with less savings and intergenerational wealth—forcing them to borrow more for the same degrees. Cancelling student loan debt will build Black and Brown wealth and help close the racial wealth gap.

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Fucking hell. This is *massive* @Disney are *refusing* to pay royalties owed to Alan Dean Foster for his @starwars and @AlienAnthology novelisations. Their reason: they bought the rights, not the obligations, to Alan's work - regardless of any contract Alan might have.

I am unlikely to use your expensive software-as-a-service product if your docs site does not load at all and I cannot discover what it does.

My favorite detail about this story was that Ramamurti worked for the Red Sox along the way.

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Issues once considered fringe, carefully researched by Ramamurti and colleagues and put in play by Warren, are now considered mainstream.

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Issues once considered fringe, carefully researched by Ramamurti and colleagues and put in play by Warren, are now considered mainstream.

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