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Here’s some more evidence that American medicine is racist.

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CDC: Almost all children who died from COVID-19 were Hispanic or Black - Business Insider

It’s larger and heavier than the Dragonfly I also like to stick in my pocket, but that’s also sort of fun. I was just looking at alternative scales I might put on it, which would be a new thing for me.

At the same time I had my mechanical keyboard retail stress relief incident (which worked out very well, she said, typing on the result) I also got a CRKT Pilar pocket knife which I am very much liking.

Current status: eating some lunch, listening to Pod Save America’s interview with Obama!

Dr Wachter remains a good follow on Covid topics

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1/ Covid (@UCSF) Chronicles, Day 211

Now 7 months into the U.S. pandemic and 3 weeks from the election, everybody is exhausted and overwhelmed. Everyone's new question seems to be, “are you optimistic or pessimistic?” The question is simple; the answer, of course, is complex.

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12/ Will the U.S. develop a sound strategy? Utterly dependent on outcome of election. If Biden wins, expect push for mask requirement, and coherent roll-out of tests, treatments & vaccines. Biden’s advisors are experts & he’ll listen to them. w/ Biden's odds ~6:1, I’m optimistic.

“Music theory is kinda racist. Debate me, Ben Shapiro’s MUSIC THEORIST father who went to music school,” says Mr Neely.

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Tonight is an important fundraising deadline for state candidates in Iowa, the last reporting period before Nov 3. I've made a page with the 10 Iowa candidates we've fundraised for on the State Slate. If you haven't already donated, please do so tonight!

Python is a wonderful language completely let down by everything around it.

Success! the kerberos package install works now that I am completely circumventing the system python and so now I have a local python environment that surely won’t bitrot this time because why was I re-installing it again?

reinstalling brew’s version fixed whatever it was that was preventing me from using brew’s python instead of the system python, so now let’s see if this virtual env installation of YET ANOTHER PYTHON works…

What I love right now is that my system python is broken enough that it can’t install the tooling I use to set up a virtual env for python which we use because python installations break all the time.

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Every year, my students are shocked to learn that it wasn't until 1965 that married couples gained the constitutional right to access birth control. And it wasn't until 1972 that unmarried people won that same right.

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Again, at this late date in the race, if you're angry with Mitch McConnell, you should be donating to the close swing-state contests that will rob him of his precious majority, rather than his own race which he's sure to win.

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The difference between "law" and "policymaking" is that policymakers can be open and honest about what they are doing.

Judges, by contrast, must use an arcane language that is taught in law schools to hide the fact that they are doing the exact same thing as policymakers.

David made and brought me coffee during the meeting I was just in, just so you know. Also he sent me a WOL item.

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SHOCKING NEWS: This owl landed inside this helicopter while it was doing water drops on the Creek Fire.

Pilot Dan Alpiner:
“It’s an unexplainable and magical miracle for it to stay with you for several water drops, then leave just as it arrived - safe and unannounced.”

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Amy Coney Barrett has refused to answer basic questions throughout these proceedings.

But make no mistake: Her non-answers are answers, too.

They’re answers about values she won’t defend, rights she won’t protect, and extremist beliefs she won’t condemn.

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