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The resilient response would have been to figure out where the communication disconnect was, or what hidden pressures needed to be examined so the group could make sure we understood what everybody needs from the project.

The weeks of bad air quality are getting to me.

I sort of expect the people around me to get things the first time they’re said and then grapple honestly with the facts. It baffles me when I think I don’t see this. Bafflement leads to frustration. Frustration leads to rage. Rage leads to dada-ist pep talks from Xander.

Well, I lost it at one point today but I seem to have regained my hold. I’m not sure what “it” is.

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Ok, so here's something more serious. I'm Jeff and I am the Director of Engineering over at @eaze. We deliver cannabis.

We're expanding our team and with that, looking for a manager to run our Platform/Infrastructure team.

Remember when Facebook was vigorously enforcing a “real names policy” to boot trans folk off its service? Feels like another age ago, given that nowadays apparently anybody who wants to can set up thousands of fake accounts.

This is one hell of an article, and one hell of a memo.

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BREAKING: A 6,600-word internal memo from a former Facebook data scientist exposes how the social network knew about specific examples of global political manipulation with fake accounts — and failed to act. W/ @RMac18 & @PranavDixit:

What does it mean if both Fezzik and Oswin are dominance-grooming each other at the same time?

I keep thinking it would be better off as a 3rd person game. Now, hear me out.

All that parkour would look bad-ass if you could watch your character doing it. AND the game keeps giving me these “outfits” as rewards and I have no clue why because I CAN’T SEE THEM.

I have spent my weekend playing Dying Light off-and-on, and I am enjoying it despite the zombies. The parkour / scavenge + craft / run in terror from unsurvivable situations loop is my jam.

(Aside: I mention the cluster module not to complain about it, but as an example of how much the team had changed around the code.)

1. Teams are immutable.
2. Conway’s Law over time means that software expresses the structure of _past teams_ not the current one. Eventually this tension erupts.
3. Code bases silt up with changes over time.

All code has a lifespan. Plan to rewrite regularly. Modularity helps.

Local workflow & convention have changed, so they must change.

I mean, they used the cluster module, which surprised me because I’d forgotten that existed in node.

There were (counts) three custom http frameworks in use at my $currentjob when I arrived. They’re fine. They did (& are still doing) the job they always must do of expressing local workflow & convention.

They definitely weren’t the problem with the code.

This is the message. It sucks, but here we are.

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Every progressive is voting for Biden-Harris knowing two things: 1. Biden will sign anything Dems put on his desk (so get to work on that) and 2. there is no representative republic left to be progressive in if we lose this.

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Silicon Valley accomplished many things through the use of *abstractions*, figuring out where things can be simplified and repeated billions of times. We call this “scaling”. Often times, scaling is a fiction. Some things just don’t scale that way. Like content moderation.

I was thinking about getting under a blanket it’s so cool right now, but I just recompiled my rust project so now my laptop is nice and toasty.

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