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From the Department of We Damn Well Told You So

JKR’s arc was at first exciting and now depressing. Does that amount of wealth cause everybody to disappear up their own backside?

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Hey guys, let me give you a brief update into the state of Texas. Im intubating patients in hallways cause we have no ED beds. Wear a mask, thanks!

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In a new paper, we show experimentally that anti-Chinese discrimination boosts support for the Chinese regime among a new generation of Chinese students in the US who may otherwise be most sympathetic to democracy
w/ @xuyiqing, @yingjie_fan, Zijie Shao

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Maybe the New York Times Book Review almost defeats TRUMP but then the New York Review of Books rescues him? (Admittedly it would make more sense if the Claremont Review of Books rescues him, but we see no evidence that anyone has actually read the Claremont Review.)

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Grim reality is that our most difficult weeks are in front of us

Oops. My new title was announced as “Architect” but my boss & I had agreed on “Distinguished Engineer” because I always want my hands dirty with coding. But anyway, that happened.

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feels like we're entering into a phase of more and more wealthy people producing increasingly deranged explanations for why the system that enriches them personally is the only moral choice and must remain intact

Oh, hey. Look, either a selling point for this job or a reason to run screaming away! but seriously: come work with us.

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@ceejbot The likelihood that this person works directly with you on Big Project ™ is high, which is a very good sell imo

Huh. TIL. I mean, it would help eventually. Just not today.

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There's a cheap, elegant, easy-to-administer, and race-neutral policy out there that would close 70-80 percent of the racial wealth gap. It's time to seriously start talking baby bonds:

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Everybody who said, during the primaries, that racism and Trump's populism is the product of economic anxiety, I want you to take a good look at the St. Louis gun-toting couple, their mansion, and then shut up forever and ever and ever and ever you're stupid and wrong forever.

Yes, I know I’m not working this week, but this is a good job and you’d probably really enjoy working for Jeff. And hey, you’d get to complain at me that my team’s things aren’t fast enough/usable enough!

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It's Monday.

You might be looking for a job. I'm hiring to my team.

If you wanna talk before applying, DM me. I'll get us some time on the calendar to …

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It's Monday.

You might be looking for a job. I'm hiring to my team.

If you wanna talk before applying, DM me. I'll get us some time on the calendar to talk about the role.

I really like this team and what we build. I think you might too. Join us.

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This is one extraordinarily accurate prediction in a work of science fiction. This seldom ever happens. I’m amazed that I hadn’t seen it before today.

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Our win conditions are, we push the fascists back hard and make it impossible for them to hurt people.

Karen & Archie's hearts are their own fucken business and changing them might be part of your work but it's not the #1 work on the to-do list.

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I predict we're going to see a lot more bullshit like this - and that women's careers will never recover

h/t @thrasherxy

The idea that the Bolsonaro comment could have been a positive one about “integration” is such gaslighting bullshit. Facebook, gaslighting its own employees.

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