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This made me sad, and then I was happy again because WE CAN SPIN UP FULL WORKING CLUSTERS with a very small bash script that runs terraform, so we can test anything.

If you consider functional tests good enough. Which, well, yes, nothing will save us from having to write tests.

Rewrite project report, day 8:

Started the morning by meeting with the colleague who’d made a run at porting to .NET Core earlier. He got as far as making it compile! Sadly, the work was lost: he felt he had no way to test it so he gave up.

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So earlier today @jonhoo gave me the idea to add custom sections to error reports, I tossed together a first version rq and Oh My God, I cant get over how cool this is, just everything going on in this error report is beautiful.

Pro tip.

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IDK who needs to hear this, but if you are still working and have income, you can literally just give money to your out-of-work friends.

I’m not saying you have to, or that it’s required, but literally you can just do this.

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“You don’t get what you don’t fight for. I ran for president, and I lost—but you know what? Ask me how sorry I am that I ran. Not. At. All.”

— Elizabeth Ann Warren


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BREAKING: The Stud, SF's oldest gay bar, announces closure due to COVID-19.

Story coming.


h/t @KeriHenare for pointing me to this straight-up punk take

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Thanks to @ceejbot I've gone down a youtube Caribbean music hole and this song is amazing

This is mostly the kind of thing I listen to all day when I’m not pairing in zoom:

Skiffle! (Which as an ignoramus, I mostly think of as “what the Beatles did when they were kids”.) The pants lyrics show up here too!

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@ceejbot I just want SOMEONE to sing mains’l. Wait, these guys did though the song is very changed:

Coda: Notable additions!

A song about poet John Berryman, which becomes a variation on Sloop John B.

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@ceejbot Do you know about this one:

And I slide on back into work with Chet Atkins. See you next time I get on a wild tear about some song.

And finish it off with some lyrics we haven’t yet heard in this tour. You have to go back in time or work to find interpretations that aren’t influenced by Brian Wilson.

You tell me whether that’s good or bad.

Let’s get back to American folk takes. You wanted some more mandolin, right?

The earlier lyrics with the Brian Wilson approach. But I am growing tired of this take on the song.

A sloppy cover by REM from the mid 80s. (But I repeat myself.) Peter Buck of course is all over and around that guitar line.

(woo, you want a youtube hole of fun music? listen to some other work by that group. but I digress!)

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