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Trying to learn a programming language from an API reference is like trying to learn French from a French dictionary. It is theoretically possible, but not really. Your language needs many kinds of learning materials.

Since I am ranting about documentation this morning, I will also note that I will go to amazing lengths to avoid video. Like, I’ll switch entire language ecosystems rather than watch a video.

I am not claiming to be rational, but there it is.

My goal is to get elected—but I plan to be the last American president to be elected by the Electoral College. I want my second term to be elected by direct vote.

Ah yes, openssl trouble. This is what I remember from my last go-round with Rust! Good to know some things never change.

At least I think I know how to shave this yak.

“Crypto” currencies ruin everything they get near.

I used to recommend @KeybaseIO as pgp for humans, but apparently it’s now just another venue to harass women on the Internet.

Was this what you wanted to accomplish, ?

It is stunning the degree to which @KeybaseIO jumped the shark when they were saddled with the obligation to shill some bullshit cryptocurrency.

RT @aredridel
That's it. I'm out. Fuck @KeybaseIO@KeybaseIO@twitter.activitypub.actoreenablesharassment.

If there’s one thing I’d like the Rust community to learn, it’s that a good readme with usage examples beats javadoc-style API documentation six ways from Sunday.

nope, not perm reasons, just needed to run `rustup component add rust-src`

hmm ra-lsp is failing for permissions reasons on Mac OS Mojave (not even Catalina).

The yak shave begins.

Eating apple sauce for breakfast because I am taking no chances.

RT also, I know it's a _bit_ more setup to do, but I *highly* recommend giving rust-analyzer a shot instead of RLS. It's really straightforward to set up, but it's not on the extension marketplace yet:

It's so much faster and has such neat features.

I’m much more like a functional human being today. Yay!

OKAY. Because I have need of a command-line tool for work purposes, I have determined that this shall be my small-enough-to-finish Rust project.

I start by reading the Clap docs.

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Life raft.

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