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Have unlocked many achievements in the past week that I’d rather have left locked.

Extremely conked out.

Have used my inhaler thingie once; prescription is 2x daily. Weird stuff.

Uh. Okay.

DEVELOPING Trump Justice Dept. asks U.S. judge to reject House Judiciary Committee request for Mueller grand jury materials, argues courts in 1974 wrongly gave Congress the Watergate grand jury 'roadmap' that led to President Nixon's impeachment.

Current status: waiting to see a doctor en re: constant wheezing that seriously impeded my workout this morning.

Most nouns ending with -f have plural ending with -ves, but there are a few exceptions. We should fix those.

Gulf, gulves.

Oaf, oaves.

Spoof, spooves

Blizzard are cowards.

Blizzard suspends Hearthstone player for Hong Kong support, pulls prize money.

Pondering heading home before I even get on a train because sick.

No seriously I would KILL for an old-fashioned Elder Scrolls Bethesda RPG set on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint map.

Milestone: listening to music at work for the first time since … since I got back from Berlin? I have TIME to sit quietly, think, and listen to music to get my brain into thinking space.

Rebooting my Mac to make iTunes work again, as one does.

What ship is already at the pier for fleet week in SF? I was unable to get a good look this morning as my muni train went past it. (Pier 30 maybe?)

Game idea: dungeons and dragons. You can play either as a dungeon or a dragon. The dungeon's goal is to get a nice dragon to move in. The dragon's goal is to find a nice dungeon to live in. It's a dating sim.

Inktober update: I did pencils for one prompt this weekend. I am now 1 week behind and failing on the “ink” part.

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Life raft.

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