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I bench-pressed this morning. I am in the middle of another cycle of attention to pressing strength, which for me means shoulder stability and upper back strength. Weird, huh?

In other news I have become the kind of person who buys CBD for pets, in the hopes that it'll help 's arthritis. He is 17 and tottering along.

Oswin adores him.

Time to peek at Entropic again, after about three weeks of being absolutely unable to because of mental exhaustion.

Remind me to find a nice boring quiet job someday, where I can knock out easy code for 8 hours and go home energized. Those exist, right?

I am going to deduce here that Oswin is hungry. I am being aggressively nose-nudged.

File this under "junk I don't need and won't get but nonetheless am amused by"

Two announcements: In honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the West Wing debut, we're doing 20% off the Bartlet's Army challenge coin with code WESTWING20.

I spat out my la croix laughing and now my room smells like pamplemousse, send help

> I'm playing the long game here
> I don't need it to be successful in 6 months
> I need it to be successful in 3 years
> I need it to be here when npm finds it can't exist viably anymore
> (...) I'm thinking long term, I'm patient

- about Entropic

This concludes your tour through a tiny fraction of the, um, 300+ mods in my mod list, most of them texture mods. (Texture mods are easy.)

Enjoy your Skyrim playthrough. Enjoy your evening. I know far too much now.



Imagine American protesters shutting down an airport - any airport - over an incident of police brutality. In so many ways, Hong Kong puts us to shame.

Overhaul Breezehome, but not ridiculously. (C'mon. You're Thane of Whiterun. You bought Breezehome and now you're wondering what to do with Lydia.)


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