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Also, I donated $500 to RAICES last night, because this is what I can do about my country locking children into concentration camps.

Anybody want to match?

The update you were all waiting for: I mailed off my passport renewal package this morning. Now to see if [redacted] conference still wants a talk on Entropic!

Hello, good morning, follow me for javascript package manager foofahrah; get "welcome to the life of an over-50 woman in tech" FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

I think that was a hot flash just now, and I would be more annoyed if it didn't mean the blessed arrival of menopause might be near.

Apollo 11 Hasselblad image from film magazine 40/S - EVA

Seriously I'm gonna Twitch stream my next Skyrim play session.

Silverio 2020: No plans

Your 2020 campaign slogan is: Your last name + 2020 + the last text you sent.

It is the hour of scampering and vigorous box attacks.

So okay, I can play Skyrim on my toaster, but WHY can't I play it on this super expensive Macbook Pro?

Cautiously optimistic about all of this. (Other founders’ lies poisoned the well for me, but I really want to believe!)

Well, you know what, I've got Blackberrys to check.

this has been one of the biggest adjustments for me since starting at NYT almost 1 year ago. the latitude to do more reporting, and the expectation that you do more reporting, is just on another level.

For, I wrote about the shrugging response to E Jean Carroll’s rape accusation against the president, and how I think our national disinterest in her story amounts to a dropping of pretense.

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Life raft.

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