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Oswin: I am starving to death!
Me: So eat the food in your bowl.
Oswin: Starving!

Current status: in my home office with the AC running, gaming with David on our family Discord.

The cats are all surviving the heat just fine.

Here is a round up of all the daily temperature records that were broken or tied across the region today.

amazed humbled thrilled [insert positive adjective here] about entropic contributors

y'all know so much I don't

thank you for sharing your expertise!

We know what we're doing and we have few fucks left to give about conforming to expectations.

At least that's true for me.

I’m not sure what’s going on with SF transit today, but it’s not good.

This is a bombshell.

Even if you 100% trust the US government with your biometric information (which you shouldn't) this is a reminder that once your face is scanned and stored in a database, it's easily shared across government agencies, stolen by hackers, other governments etc

I am extremely fond of my colleagues at Legal Cannabis Delivery Co, Inc.

Update! My life is not 100% talking with people. It's now 100% writing proposals & making omnigraffles.


There is a very good doggo on this muni car. It is a shepherd-lab mix. it is sitting on my foot.

It's the networking that makes working on Caltrain a bummer, not the carrying a second laptop.

Working on reviewing & merging PRs, and trying to help some first-time contributors get some stuff in!

I have to say, Github makes this workflow so nice.

Todd Howard just attempted to make a joke about Fallout, but it fell flat. Ha ha.

I am only watching this stupid stream because I want a clouded leopard mount.

Merging PRs from people with expertise sets that I am grateful they're sharing with entropic!

<3 @zacanger

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Life raft.

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