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Like a transparent, watermelon-Jolly-Rancher-scented Stegosaurus with a Venus flytrap for a face, the lion’s mane nudibranch sea slug (Melibe leonina) is a lot of things—including one of the kelp forest’s most magical critters!

Today was squat day, so I am now very awake and very sweaty.

I need to work. I am absolutely incapable of work right now.

I suppose I should eat some dinner. It might help the brain.

Everybody stop what you’re doing right now and look at this enormous dove.

Worst moment today was realizing that none of my coworkers understood why I thought following up a "band of brothers" reference with "we few, we happy few" was sensible.

Worse: none of them would have said "we band of buggered" as a retort.

Oswin always charges out to greet me when I come home. Guaranteed nose-boop!

Sigh. I shall spend my evening writing this presentation for work tomorrow, since I did not manage to write it this afternoon.

my favorite git alias:

alias.columbo=commit --amend

In addition to many avocets, we also got a great look at a pair of willets who were clearly engaged in a domestic drama of some sort. First we met them on the road, casually walking along (so well camouflaged!) (1/4)

As you start your busy week, we'd like to send you forth with a few cheeps of wisdom from Pop the cardinal. She's only been in the world a few weeks, but we think you'll agree she has some good points.

🎥: Pepe Hernandez

Open your iPhone. Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode. (The red fingerprint icon) -> scroll all the way down and TURN OFF "USB accessories".
You're welcome.

Remember the longer your passcode (longer than 15 characters)the better chance of your device surviving brute Force attempts.

JSConf EU 2019 is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!! 🎆🔥 If anyone has any tickets to sell, please do so now since we have a strict deadline for printing badges!

Watching overtake the as our marine layer returns 🌁

I shall end my weekend by doing some co-op gaming with David. The family that slays together, stays together. (Maxim works for Scoobies as well as real world families.)

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