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I pre-ordered Ghost Recon: Breakpoint because I am everything that is wrong with game consumers.

Well, it's Ubisoft; I know exactly what I'm getting; I know it will be of a predictable quality; I know I'll enjoy the shootie-bangs.

Current status: making slides while alternating between optimism & despair about the talk.

One problem with having lived with the thoughts I'm going to express for a while is that they're not new to me. I'm afraid they'll be old hat to you too.

look, don't ask me to explain him
I just sit here appreciating him

David is singing quietly to himself to the tune of VU's "Venus in Furs". His lyrics are:

dewey dewey
dewey dewey decimal
dewey decimal in the dark

Which package manager solution would be the BEST in the long run?

oh dear I have earwormed myself with and I must of course attempt to infect you

Curious what you should be making? Post your resume to this thread and people will chime in with the compensation that they think that you can command.

Today was an excellent day, and this week was an excellent week overall. It started out rocky, but ended great.

eeeee just filled out my badge info for JSConfEU! Yes, I am in a miserable frenzy about my talk, as usual at this point.

I had no idea modular synths went back that far.

By the way, as part of their open source work for npm, and have done a phenomenal job of creating OSS cheese-shifting levers that make that experimentation feasible:

- npm-profile
- npm-packlist
- figgy-pudding
- cacache
- pacote
- ssri
- & others!

Current status: I have just gone out by the fountain thingie in Embarcadero Plaza & smoked this Tarantula thingie with my colleagues and helllooooo Friday. It's an interesting job, let me tell you.

But is GitHub a union shop?

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