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The servers appear to be robust.

This is a reference to a very dead joke.

Now I spend the next two hours creating my character.

Current status: STILL NO CHOCOLATE MILK with which I have become obsessed in a lazy way. Instead I am eating a very spicy dinner I just cooked for myself, drinking a beer, and firing up The Division 2 Registered Trademark.

I can somewhat see the appeal of literate programming, but actually it's really hard to tell a complete story about code purely looking at its present state; you need to tell a story around its history

RT no sorry it’s lait au chocolat

RT I dairy you.

I double dairy you.

it's not too early to start drinking, right?

drinking CHOCOLATE MILK, I mean

Reminding myself that Paul Graham saying something doesn’t *automatically* make it stupid. There might be some kind of stopped clock thing going on.

The Web != the Internet. The web is a strict subset of the Internet. There's a whole bunch of other stuff going on. Email, for instance.

“This technical debt can wait. I have a feature to deliver!”

Aaaaaaaah. Yes.

"[W]e are committed to building worlds that feel like real places, explored through non-violent mechanics."

Things keeping me awake:

David is on a plane right now.
Bishie & Oswin are trilling at each other while they groom.
Mina wants to sleep on my pillow.
I had caffeine at 4pm.

I've set myself a second Go project to work on, one that should teach me a bit more about its idioms.

Me: Brain, I'm going to need you to let me sleep now.
Brain: Remember that coffee-flavored candy you ate at 4pm?

"But if they're so ignorant, how come they keep getting funded?"

Oh wow that's a good point, billionaires & software VC firms totally know enough about agriculture, food processing, & car manufacturing to ask the right questions during due diligence process. You got me there.

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Life raft.

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