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Also they are awesome sensible peeps, some of whom I have known for 20 years my god we're all getting old.

Oh! Forgot to mention! I had a lovely time today hanging out with many esteemed former colleagues at Afero, a company which is making tech for an internet of *securely* connected things. They have the experience to do it right.

A question I want to ask but sadly already know the answer to: WHY IS THE USER INTERFACE THAT BAD? I mean, yeah, it's a console port and that means suck, but for a loot-centric game it's pretty awful at letting you look at your inventory.

For instance: How is it that audio is that messed up? Why do mission advance triggers *ever* fail to fire?

Questions I do NOT ask: Why is that specific part of a map janky? Why are the servers disconnecting me?

Have finished the tiny slice of pve gameplay available in the beta. Have experienced many bugs, in categories I find interesting one month out from their ship date.

Have a political viewpoint is not a bad thing! *Failing to examine* your political viewpoint is what gets you into trouble.

The protestations of the developers that the game "isn't political" are frankly hilarious to me, as I commence a mission that requires me to retrieve "the US declaration of Independence" because of its power as a symbol.

Speaking of that: I miss the snowy city. DC in the summer has a personality, yeah, but not like NYC in the weeks after a Christmas apocalypse.

More The Division 2 beta nattering:

The game engine somehow looks worse than it did for the first game, and I'm not sure why. I did turn TAA down by editing the config file by hand, and that helped a bit with framerate. Maybe it's the textures?

Maybe it's that the engine was in its sweet spot rendering a snowy NYC?

Buried in the menus for The Division 2 was an option to turn off the "chromatic aberration" in the UI and phew! Instant quality of life improvement.

Inbox 192. Whoops, did some very high quality failing to look at email at all.

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Hmm. The Division 2's release date is March 8. They have a month to fix the bugs.

I am *really* unsure about the new shorter time to kill. It makes cover matter less-- you can stand up & shoot. The missions I've run thus far have been too easy.

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