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I have resumed Smiley's People, and shall now engage in more obscure actor-spotting. To wit:

Oh look! It's Val Dartie's actor introducing the fact that Peter Guillam is not played by somebody else!

My new perennial question: what is the kitten destroying now?

I have a new mildly absurd goal in life: to acquire a genuine Mathmos lava lamp. These are, apparently, very difficult to obtain in the US, where the exclusive rights belong to a much inferior product.

Indeed, mildly absurd.

Current status: getting things done that need to be done. Boring things. DISHES, OKAY? THE DISHES.

Smiley's People < Tinker Tailor.

Not to say I am not enjoying myself. Just that everything is less subtle.

It is, I note, a speaking role but a tiny one. Miniscule. And yet, a Rickman moment has been had.

I mean, it's a rhetorical question. As if I would fail to recognize Alan Rickman! Pah.

Wait wait wait wait wait is this Alan Rickman in "Smiley's People"?

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I've been working on some articles about today's online social networking nightmares, how we ended up with them, and what we might want to do next. Here's part one:

#social #ethics #google #facebook #surveillancecapitalism

Current status: reading NIXONLAND, trying to resist urges to find a large land animal, slaughter it, and eat it.

@ceejbot more generally "bake in your values" not just your idea

My heart rate peaked well over 170 during that workout. I sustained effort over 160. So... progress!

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If you're rescuing a legacy system and correcting mistakes made from haste/changes of direction/all the things that conspire against us as we design, correct this early. Say, the moment you move the data from its initial WTF storage to something long-term, whatever that means for you.

More seriously: my recommendation to you all is encrypt sensitive data from the start, in your prototypes. This future-proofs you against management arguments that it's not important to encrypt it later on. It also protects you from some tech debt problems with making the change later.

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