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I wrote up 8 lessons about #Rust I've learned from doing #AdventofCode Days 1 and 2

(Warning: does contain some spoilers for those challenges I suppose)

I think I am going to spend the rest of Saturday actually *playing* instead of modding it or writing about modding it. For once.

I have completed and posted a not-as-giant-as-it-could-have-been guide to getting started with using Skyrim mods. If you've ever wanted to make Skyrim prettier but not known how, I got you.

Oswin-kitten is grooming Bishie's head and I am dying of the cute.

I have just drunk a glass of the most amazing whisky.

I have had a strange day.

Bishie-cat has been ill and has lost scary amounts of weight since his last vet visit, w hich was a month ago. He's on appetite-juicing meds now and the improvement is obvious. He & Mina are competing for lap space right now, which is a return to the status quo of the last decade. The kitten is playing with bubble wrap.

I am nearly done writing up my adventures with Skyrim modding.

Useful fact: a glass of peaty whisky balanced on one's chest is an *amazing* kitten repellant.

I spent today rebuilding my dynamic levels of detail data for Skyrim, which involves running some community-made tools. Looks pretty great now, I gotta say!

Current status: winding up for another session in Skyrim.

The kitten does not want to stand on my laptop. She wants to stand on my laptop *keyboard*. If I close it, she loses interest.

This is because cats are perverse.

Mina => cat name pronounced "meana"
Mins => nickname pronounced "means"
"Mins of Production" => obvious followup nickname
"I seize the Mins of Production!" => Mina bites me, as she does every time I do this

Also, today was my 53rd birthday. We celebrated with sushi and sake. Another trip around the sun...

I've been playing Skyrim and attempting to take better screenshots. Skyrim is a 7-year-old game without a photo mode, but it does have a quite lovely set of console commands.

Oswin the kitten says: I AM LOCKED IN A SMALL ROOM. OUTRAGE!

He's 16. This is the oldest any of my cats has ever reached. He's wobbly and arthritic and cranky and very into head scritches and being brushed.

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