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What emotional power and energy I have: imagine it being shared with you because, well, it’s the only thing I can do for y’all so far away.

Was thinking just now, for various reasons, about the sympathy I feel for everybody coping with <gestures wildly> all this. I don’t know what it feels like for you, and I don’t know what’s the right way for you personally to cope.

What the hell was I even doing with this game i don’t remember any more. sigh.

Fezzik is licking my glasses.

It might be time for me to check the cat food bowls.

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"You misconstrued that, Senator. And you've done that repetitively in the past." -- Fauci is out of patience with Rand Paul

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1977 - David Bowie released 'Heroes'. Co-written w/ Brian Eno & featuring King Crimson's Robert Fripp, it tells the story of a couple who are so determined to be together that they meet every day under a gun turret on The Berlin Wall.


I liked this vaccine explainer from the FT. Thread gives gist; article has the deets.

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There are more than 300 Covid-19 vaccine candidates, but only nine have reached the final stage before implementation. Here we break down how the vaccines work, their goals and when we can expect them 👇

Current status: writing examples for boltzmann

it’s almost starting to feel release-able

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Im not really getting it. Rather work at a place that has talent at the top

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Judith Butler casually but precisely ethering the interviewer who claims that "some people" think TERF is a slur is a thing of beauty and a joy forever

Cat update! Oswin and Fezzik both have learned to ask for the iPad being set up for them with Mouse for Cats running. Fezzik mostly just watches it carefully. Oswin slams her paws on it, bites at the screen, and digs underneath it for the mouse that’s OBVIOUSLY there.

I think the answer to this might startle $dayjob veterans more than our 30-second deploys do.

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@ceejbot How’s your .NET monolith coming along? 😌

It’s when I lift my head up and look at the world that I start grinding my teeth. Literally. Ugh.

This is tools month, and we’ll emerge from it back into writing production-destined code soon. But it’s tooling & foundations first, focus on developer experience for this particular team.

So yeah, work is good.

Our internal frameworks and tools are mostly node 14 ready, at least the new ones that are JS instead of Rust. Rust tools are further behind, because we’ve been waiting for [mystery guest] to join us.

I had a good work day today. Giant rewrite project is making *solid* strides forward. We’re working on re-usable tooling for various components of the project. We integrated ESBuild into boltzmann today, experimentally, with hot reload, and it is stupid-fast.

Current mood: Poor.
Current anxiety level: Higher than desired.

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Mitt Romney's position is that Donald Trump is a corrupt President guilty of high crimes worthy of removal AND he should make a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court moments before the voters weigh in on who should be President.

Totally logical and morally consistent

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In the 70s I wrote a piece for MS. magazine on why men should support the ERA. A law professor fact-checked it and said, “Whoever wrote this seems to know nothing about constitutional law.” So, instead, I interviewed HER. She was brilliant. And kind. She was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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