A 2.5 mg cannabis mint did a lot to calm my anxiety down this evening. Sometimes I forget how well this stuff works. (I go months at a time forgetting about it! I know, I know.)

A highlight of the portion of my stream last night where it was raining. If the idiot talking over this *hadn’t* talked, it would be relaxing.


Current status: feeling too comfortable on the couch to motivate myself into my office to resume making mod patches. Wishing my edition of Windows had the remote desktop feature.

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What was it like growing up in the 80s?

The 80s:

Vin Scully’s voice.

That is all.

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Hi everybody. Today I want to pay tribute to the last game the @Dodgers played in Brooklyn, and what sticks out most vividly from that bittersweet day.

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In brief:
The two physicists who grumbled about not being very interested in epidemiology but steered the pandemic response at U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign anyways managed to do things correctly to host university in person. They tested a lot and were responsive. twitter.com/CT_Bergstrom/statu


nothing specific happened to prompt that
it’s just a general UGH

an UGH of ambient 2020 UGHness

(As a general rule, if I post a donation link on Twitter it is because I have already made a donation. I don’t post the ones I decide not to give to for some reason.)

I just donated.

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BLM protestors continue to be arrested in . We've used a significant portion of the bail fund already on local and national bails. We need to be able to continue this work for as long as it takes. Please donate and share bit.ly/pdxlegsupport

I suspect “Trump wants to change that” must be read in the sense of “that amoeba wants to eat more”.

Fun lunchtime discussion in this household: David and I just discussed it and agreed that the US is an apartheid police state, but not yet fascist. Trump wants to change that, of course.

Oswin wants attention. (That box top is in the window shelf just for her.)

Fezzik just arrived and stared earnestly at the turned-off iPad until I turned it on for him. He has started tapping cautiously at the screen now & then. Contrast with Oswin, who racks up huge scores until her sessions end with the iPad face-down on the floor.

I note that all of my previous Twitch streams are gone. Do they just delete the past after it’s past? IDEK how this stuff works

46 minutes, including moments in which you find out what my pet nickname for David is *facepalm*.


I quit when I encountered the dark faces bug in one of the Jorrvaskr peeps, which was easily fixed but required popping out of the game to run the tools.

Thing I did tonight: updated my streaming software and made sure I could stream live on Twitch reasonably. I streamed about half an hour of me wandering around the Whiterun tundra looking at things and making sure my game worked.

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