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Matrix 4, revisiting the Matrix after 20 years:

* early technical decisions constraining product development, performance
* unaddressed mounting technical debt
* business case unclear for investing in continuous improvement
* computronium competitive threat

Darn it. Mr Acker has a very strong point here.

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@ceejbot I thought it was an acronym: Squids, Quince, Labradors.

SQueaL <—— see? just add vowels in one place. it’s obvious. it’s easy. it’s clearly the intent.

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If you have any doubt about this, all you have to do is take a look at the replies to this thread👇🙄 twitter.com/coffeespoonie/stat

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`git checkout` has too many responsibilities. It's used for both switching branches, and for restoring individual files to a previous state.

So in git 2.23, it's being split into two distinct commands:

`git switch` & `git restore`

A welcome change 🤙


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More fun with switch statements:
1. switch(value) is compared with strict equality to cases (so "2" isn't logged)
2. all cases are evaluated *until* one of them is strictly equal... even if there is no break between cases (so "5" isn't logged even though "6" is)!

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@ceejbot@twitter.com Dang! I guess you could say you’re a “full stack” developer. 😎

This one is utter genius.

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Not working a formula but making a people

I cannot throw out this bit of trash because it is Oswin’s new toy. She is carrying it around in her mouth, dropping it, and mauling it.

My jam is going to reddit.com/r/SkyrimPorn/ and upvoting screenshots that people were obviously proud of that nobody else upvoted.

(I knew this morning that I’d be stressed when I got home.)

I told myself this morning that my limit tonight was 1 whiskey if that and now I am reconsidering this absurd restriction and I’m still only at 0 whiskies.

hashtag stress

I still feel vaguely guilty every time I take Lyft home. I feel like I’m cheating somehow because it’s so easy.

I am vaguely disturbed by what this says about my childhood.

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