I want the miniseries adaptation because it would have to film some segments of _Battlecruiser Vengeance_.

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It’s a short-ish read by modern standards, I note, having just re-read it start to finish in the time since I posted that tweet about it.

Still good. Still worth the re-read. RIP Mike Ford.

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Miniseries adaptation of “The Final Reflection” which throws out all post-TOS TV series Klingon world-building in favor of Mike Ford’s Klingons.

Which is why nobody lets me make these decisions.
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Star Trek fans - if you were given the opportunity to make your own Star Trek show, what would it be about?

For me - a show centred around the first all Klingon crew of a Federation ship.

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If Mursk buys Twitter there will be an exodus. Since it will be impossible to get all the fleeing Twitter users to agree on a single replacement service, the replacement must be a federation. Unless something better shows up very soon, that will be Mastodon.

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It is 2022 and I am begging you to wear headphones on zoom calls. How have you not learned this over the last two years.

In before thundering herd of Twitter replacements attempt to get funding.

Also not to drink caffeine after 3pm, which I did yesterday to my ruin.

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I hereby resolve to start fixing my sleep schedule TONIGHT.

Yesterday’s Stratechery was very good on the subject of Google Stadia and why it was an inevitable failure. tl;dr Google put zero effort into the right business model; contrast with Microsoft and GamePass.

no, actually, I’m not reading my email
I’m reading Reddit complaining about Destiny

She used her front claws to haul herself up onto the couch a moment ago. She is camped out on top of me, kneading me painfully and chirruping. Mina is the most talkative cat I’ve known.

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I watched @quantcat potter across the back yard yesterday and thought: yeah, she’s getting creaky. She used to flit across the yard and levitate to the top of the fence to survey her territory.

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Life raft.

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