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Did you get my hedgehog?

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@realDonaldTrump@twitter.com Can you believe I am doing this important work as a cat, and have to deal with not getting treats every five minutes and only sleeping 16 hours a day at the same time? It was not intended to be this way for a cat!

Gaslighting or self-delusion from Zuckerberg?

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I did also find out what Zuckerberg thought he meant when he said “we overcame polarization after WWI” and (spoiler alert) it still doesn’t make any sense to anyone who made it through Season 2 of The Twentieth Century theguardian.com/global/2019/oc

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Facebook responded to the massive harm caused by political misinformation on its platform by creating its own, deeply destructive, political misinformation.

So here’s where I admit that Ghost Recon Breakpoint is INDEED a bad and pointless mashup of Ubisoft open world game cliches AND that I am enjoying the heck out of the bits of GR identity that remain in the core scout/snipe gameplay loop.

Meowbox unboxing! Fezzik
Is delighted to have been mentioned by name! Attn @tuony@twitter.com

Woot! 30th anniversary earthquake test alert on my phone!

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what i'm saying is this: copy and paste is a STRICTLY WORSE package manager than cargo. it's also strictly worse than NPM, for that matter. but it has one advantage: people can't look at your lockfile or cratesio page and see how much code you've copied and pasted [9/n]

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This is a brazenly unconstitutional act that itself is worthy of impeachment

The entire Trump presidency is a grift twitter.com/Fahrenthold/status

The giant sigh of relief I just gave as the team chose to track tasks for this project on github instead of in jira.


Current status: donut + mild amounts of guilt

but the donut is very good so not much guilt

My god, my day is mostly meeting-free.

FEAR ME for today I shall write some documents! Perhaps I shall omni a graffle or two!

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@ceejbot@twitter.com So you’re saying starting your career really shook up the industry?

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Managing development seems a perpetual state of staring at a "check engine" light and having the skillset to know exactly how long it is before you REALLY need to handle it.

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