Feeling very positive & hopeful & anticipatory right now, gotta say.

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"Mark Zuckerberg Promised A Clear History Tool Almost A Year Ago. Where Is It?"


A survey of why we shouldn't trust anything Facebook says about user privacy.

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"My left shoe won't even reboot" is just such an epic tagline for the Internet of Crappy Things.

I have no idea what happened to all my ammunition in that Metro level. I had so much when I got onto the train! Does it reset to a fixed amount at the start of a new section? oh god it probably does

@uncle_gobo Thanks! It's all about the volume for me right now. I completed 5 sets of 3 last week at 255 without too much trouble-- this was just too much though!

Friends, gonna go live on Twitch with Metro Exodus in a few-- already have the "starting soon" feed up.


The review then describes the game as "earnest" and "painfully on the nose", two descriptions you'll have heard me use on that Twitch stream :)

So what I'm saying is that the Kotaku review is right on.

People who watched my Twitch stream last night will recognize this section of the game:

Kotaku reviews Metro Exodus: "I’ve spent multiple hours of my time with Exodus absolutely infuriated."

Yes, me too. And yet... there's a there there.


"This paper is simply an amuse-bouche on the repeated patterns of computing that leverage immutability."



Context: Remember that Travis CI acquisition 29 days ago? Their new owners laid off a lot of Travis people today.

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