The wind is gusting enough right now that I’ve decided to be pointlessly worried about the incense cedar in our back yard. :grimacing:

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In about 1900, the American astronomer Newcombe published his “tables of the sun”, a very good model of the solar system based on centuries of observations, that was used to predict orbital motions for several decades

Rain rain rain. Cold rain. Hope all those birbs stuffed their gullets with seed.

And we finally have some good shots of the very yellow ones: lesser goldfinches. Kewl! I slowly learn about small backyard birbs!

We’ve got a pile of pine siskins for sure. And something else that’s a lot more yellow.

goin’ to finch city where it’s four to one
goin’ to finch city gonna have some fun

four birds for every sock!

Birb feeder update: The finch sock is FINCH CITY right now and I need to figure out which finches they are.

So far my reaction is: This UX makes ARK’s look gorgeous and feel functional! The punching trees part is the same though!

I have not yet seen a rideable dinosaur so it is not yet looking good next to ARK.

My coworkers have talked me into this Minecraft thing

How many launchers does it take to run modded Minecraft anyway? Three seem to be involved here somehow

it’s a lynx kittan followed by a cheeeeeetah kittan kind of kittan evening

My dry January is going fine, though I *have* gone through quite a lot of ginger ale so I can have something tasty to sip on in the evenings.

My birb ID skills are poor but that was a junco for sure.

Birb feeder update: We hung a finch sock full of nyger seed a bit over a week ago and it is now extremely popular. Five birbs on it right now. A sixth was unable to fit.

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