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Cc: @darth@twitter.com ....this is Potato. Named by your followers (We all call him Tater😉)

Would anyone like live feed of his new pre-release cage or his release back into the wild? 🤗

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Oh, I don't know what happens if a government can't leak.

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Harry Truman got it right in (checks date on clipping) 1952, when news accounts proclaimed "“Republicans are determined to paint Democrats as out-of-control, out-of-their minds socialists.”

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What is that wedged into the seat cushions? And other questions from riding America’s grossest public transit option, BART

Current status: really quite surprised by the things sociopaths do.

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Apollo 11 in Real Time is live! Relive the first landing on the Moon for

Includes all film footage, TV broadcasts, photographs, every word spoken, and more, including 11,000 hours of Mission Control audio never before made publicly available


Hello Monday morning: my Caltrain is both late & beyond SRO. As in, I’m not sure this car could fit any more standing people.

David texted me the single word "magnate" this morning and I am afraid to ask why.

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My talk from @jsconfeu@twitter.com is now online! This talk was a labor of love, and a difficult talk to give. It is also *very* important, and I hope you all go watch it. twitter.com/jsconfeu/status/11

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This weekend's plan:
- having recovered from overwhelm, re-engage with entropic
- write a package signing proposal
- do some project management work (milestones, issue tending)
- play some of the games I bought on your recommendations
- do laundry
- play with Oswin-kitten
- replace the garbage disposal in our kitchen sink (perhaps replace the sink)
- try not to buy power tools while at Home Despot [sic]

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I had the privilege of managing and mentoring Graham for a time; I’d work with him again in a heartbeat, and I’ll give a full-throated recommendation to anyone looking to hire a true multitool of a product marketer. twitter.com/bram_parsons/statu

Friday nights are really wild in this household, let me tell you.

Talking about B trees and B+ trees with David. TIL.

"Storing things on disk is kind of my thing," he says.

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Many "diversity" investors focus only on gender; I haven't seen tackle the racial wealth gap at scale until @ewarren@twitter.com. She's right: You need managing partners who are underrepresented people of color, women, and NB people. And that won't happen without real change and funding twitter.com/ewarren/status/113

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