The best lazy Sundays are lazy Sundays spent gaming with my spouse.

While being lounged on by cats.

anyway. hello to the refugees from Tumblr. I hear Facebook is also cracking down on any acknowledgement that humans reproduce sexually.

TFW you're watching a 2-year-old Let's Play and you shout the solution to the puzzle at the screen while the player fumbles around for a while not getting it.

@ranjit @darius That cat looks like it'd be totally on board with having a raven on its head.

@mkb Google historically has a problem with writing new chat services instead of improving or marketing their existing services.

What I love most about news that Allo is shutting down is that I had no idea what Allo was in the first place.

(Answer: it was yet another Google chat service.)

Current status: Watching a Let's Play of the original Thief game from 1998 because it turned 20 years old last week. The graphics are dated but the gameplay is not.

Oh crud this cat version of “Fugue for Tinhorns” is gonna be a ton of work.

I’ve got the cat right here
Her name is...

When you're a cat
you're a cat all the way
from your first slaughtered rat
to your last screaming jay

Want more critical theory stuff? Lindsay Ellis has got you. The multi-part look at how the Hobbit movies turned out the way they turned out was my lure into watching more.

Let's get back to film! I love Jenny Nicholson's extremely smart analyses of films, which are made easy to watch by a charming stream-of-consciousness vid style that makes you think she's just chatting at you.

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