Current status: my trained emotional support therapy golden tabby retriever cat has decided I need to be purred at. He just moves right in and plonks himself down where he likes, then goes into rumble mode.

“Ah, hello Gordon Freeman! It’s good to see you.”

(Runner up: “Did you understand that last announcement?”)

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What line of gaming dialogue is buried in your brain?

Current status: trying out Guild Wars 2 because @Fishrock123 eventually got to me

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some people participating in a ponzi scheme who report a return on investment is how the ponzi scheme works

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Nice of them to give a visual representation of the number of fucking idiots they've sacked.

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Public incident writeups are attempts to demonstrate that all press is good press.

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Facebook will rebrand. It will have a new name. The name is a secret. Even the most senior people do not know the new secret name. Silicon Valley PR flacks are abuzz. It’s smart, textbook. All the best PR and Comms firms are on it. It will be like magic. A new name and POOF! 1/

“Perhaps the oddest consolation prize of America’s crushing, protracted battle with the coronavirus is the knowledge that flu season, as we’ve long known it, does not have to exist.”

If it isn’t called Facebook 2: Electric Boogaloo I don’t even know how I can go on in this world

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As babies, Argonaut octopus ride jellyfish and debris like little surfers! As adults, females live near the surface and dip their shells into the air above!...
On jellyfish pics: Songda Cai
Riding leaf pic: Mike Bartick

Meanwhile, I guess, it’s a pretty world that’s nice to wander around in. If I ignore PVP and never try to interact with the auction house— if I treat it like a co-op game I play with David & some friends— it’s fine.

I assume it is, like all such problems, an organizational problem at its heart. I wonder what the problem is. I wonder if it will ever be fixed or if somebody will instead cut some painfully expensive losses.

Like extremely broken economy numbers that make me wonder if anybody on the team can use spreadsheets. (Obviously they can; there are undoubtedly smart, frustrated people on the team. But! The imbalance is painful from a player’s perspective.)

Like game-breaking exploits that have gone unfixed despite reports.

Like wildly patchy UX: in some places great, in others agonizingly thoughtless.

Like broken high-level content, where abilities stop working when maxed out. (Wut?)

Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs small and large: all of them in every single build of the game that I’ve played, from closed beta to now, in release. I *was* baffled by stuff like a very weak character creator until it dawned on me that they have more fundamental problems.

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