Rust: I have not played, weirdly.
ARMA-derived survival games: zombies, sigh. No base-building.

Conan Exiles has *amazing* base building, good survival, and okay character models. It’s also extraordinarily buggy, or I’d be playing it non-stop.

En re: No Man’s Sky.

Similarly: ARK has great base building, okay survival, hideous character models.

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@techwraith Great base building, okay survival, zero character customization.

While I wait for David to finish fitting out his ship…

I want to play a survival game with good-looking character models, great character customization, and base-building.

There is nothing like this right now. I am sad.

I love them both about as much as they love each other. We were extraordinarily lucky with this generation of cat friends.

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seconded. rust is _so nice_ for this; super ergonomic without having to cart a runtime around

RT if you’re feeling starved, yell at the void
your people will help you when they get annoyed
the tuna’s there to let you go eat
the bowl is there to be filled by ceej

Welp might never write a cli tool in node ever again.

RT If wishes were glasses
The glass would be broken
Listen to sleeper
keeper has woken

RT @avram Your butt is going to be on the ground
Your ears are there to swivel around

Stand in the place where you eat
now meow loud
think about the tuna wonder why it’s not in your bowl

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🎶the toe bone's (verifiably) connected to the foot bone (cryptographically speaking)🎶
🎶the foot bone's (unforgeably) connected to the heel bone (via ed25519)🎶

Hot damn, another really exciting working session tonight

one phrase for you: signature chains

I’m really hoping for excellent company on this list! But alas, Error: connect ETIMEDOUT.

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You are on 1 blocklists in total, review all here ->
Please check my follows for people incorrectly blocked -

Bucketing rain here. The cats are in their mid-afternoon period of wakefulness, after a morning spent sleeping near us.

Lunch was delicious leftovers. I am enjoying working from home _so_ much.

Men are 2x as likely to get emotional because their “ideas weren’t heard” or because they “were criticised” and they were almost 3x more likely to experience an emotional event because a project went over budget, missed a deadline or got cancelled

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