David gave me permission to post this. He has far fewer things stuck into him than he did yesterday. The Swan-Ganz heart catheter is out, for instance.

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Look, I was going to be done with this but if you need some levity in your day today, please think of the hijinks these two could get up to together.

David has this to say about what his day looks like tomorrow. So if I seem a little stressed, it’s because I’m fretting.

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so this is about to happen:

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Scorpio: October 23-November 21
-Smart AF and won't let you forget it
-Suspicious skillset hints at dark past
-Will never read everything in their TBR pile
-Not actually old enough to be this confused by teenagers.

Can’t see the top of the Ferry Building from across the plaza. Hi hi Karl.


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What I love about this talking point is that it both undermines Pete's campaign citing McKinsey as relevant experience for the Presidency, and is a more damning indictment of what consultants do than what even the most hardcore Marxist could dream up.

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If you were looking for an excuse to donate to the archive, which is a tax free donation here in the US, and with many different options available to you (archive.org/donate), then I'm going to say: Think of the disk space, our Silent Killer. Thanks.

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And while I'm at it, I'm going to rate all the bee emojis according to their anatomical accuracy.

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So the text of the actual executive order on anti-Semitism does not seem to be nearly as problematic as was reported. They could have changed it, but it does not appear to define Jews as a nationality. Here's the relevant section: jewishinsider.com/2019/12/excl

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The burrowing parrots in Patagonia have been spotted working together to jump-start a water pump at a farm to have a drink [full video: ow.ly/yMDp30oapR5]

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