He’s really this stupid. HE IS REALLY THIS STUPID.

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A message from the President:

Facebook externalizes the costs of its negligence; it sails along making advertising money while it operates a service far larger than its ability to moderate.

Apparently guitar-playing is a hot thing to do post zombie apocalypse

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Buster Posey walking to the dugout before the umpire calls strike, a compilation:

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i feel the need to make you aware of this cursèd and entirely real wikipedia article en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_hun

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Ian Desmond is opting out of playing in MLB this season. In addition to Covid-19 he cites the MLB’s rampant racism, sexism, homophobia, cheating scandals, and labor wars. Please go to his Instagram to read the whole thing because, whew, it is outstanding. instagram.com/p/CCCp7aSptTr/?i

Some of this history is pretty damn recent.
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Time for some forgotten history.

*Twenty two* African Americans served in Congress during the 1800s after the Civil War. Right before Southern racists took voting rights away from black people again.

Since many people don't learn this in schools, let's do an important thread:

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17/ Here are the numbers: CA is so vast that our # ‘s are sum of multiple different epidemics, and some regions (incl. SF) continue to do OK. But overall, the past 2 weeks are bleak: new cases doubled, hospitalizations ↑43%, ICU pts ↑37%, & test positivity rate from 4.4%→5.5%.

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🎵 Karen's Got A Gun🎵

You know I had to make a song for these two.

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From the Department of We Damn Well Told You So

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In a new paper, we show experimentally that anti-Chinese discrimination boosts support for the Chinese regime among a new generation of Chinese students in the US who may otherwise be most sympathetic to democracy bit.ly/2Blay9I
w/ @xuyiqing, @yingjie_fan, Zijie Shao

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Grim reality is that our most difficult weeks are in front of us

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