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Just stay out of the Nuthatch's way, and nobody gets hurt. OK?

(White-breasted Nuthatch , January 2015)

I am pretty sure I couldn’t clear the *normal* version of this lost sector in 3 minutes and 45 seconds.
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Lost Sector today (until 10 am PST):
💢 Crew Quarters (Moon)
🏆 Reward: Exotic Helm

🔵 Arc Burn
🟧 Solar Shields
☠️ Barrier & Overload Champions

Easy to farm?
⛔ C Tier: Poor Lost Sectors to farm
⏱️ Average clear time: 3:45 min

Optimal loadout & guide below... (1/2)

thinking of @snipeyhead , as one does

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@generic_brian @fuckedupfoods Fixed it just for you, my friend

The Floof is absent, but I’m here to watch Peter Capaldi in any of his hair variations.
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He’s playing a game, are you going to play back? The Devil’s Hour, a psychological thriller starring Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine 🕰 (OUT 28 OCTOBER)

Curtis’s life arc was not what any of us predicted, I think.
So, apparently Curtis Yarvin, aka Mencius Moldbug of the dark enlightenment, cheated on his fiancée with a tradcath trans woman who calls herself a eunuch choirboy.

If you understood more than 60% of that sentence, I regret to inform you that your onlineness is terminal.

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This DALLE prompt of Garfield as a German Chancellor is bringing me so much joy

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Jean looked at your inbox. She says it’s “too early for this bullshit”

always retweet Brian Eno content
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Why don't people publish their synthesizer patches in magazines anymore? It's so badass! 😎

I have a lot of blog posts in flight. I need to land some of them!

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The character "ꙮ" (U+A66E) is being updated in version 15.0.0.

Because it doesn't have enough eyes. It needs to have three more eyes.

compact technical
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Ukrainian soldiers transformed this Peugeot cabriolet into a stripped down battle-buggy complete with bull bars and a space for a machine gunner...🔥

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