I love them both about as much as they love each other. We were extraordinarily lucky with this generation of cat friends.

Me: eeeeeeeee!
David: Oh, they’re the cutest! I want one. I don’t think they’ll let me have one.

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Everybody shut up and look at this picture of a baby Aardwolf.

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Here’s the 800 ROM which includes the embedded character set. I didn’t separate it out, so it also draws the 6502 code graphically

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HourlyCheetahs presents:

The Floof is growing back, as it inevitably does.

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Our studios were graced by effortless cool today - none other than Doctor Who, Malcolm Tucker, and of course @LewisCapaldi's second cousin once removed, Peter Capaldi!

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WARREN puts out statement on Sanders meeting and goes on record saying he said a woman could not win. Full statement:

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An astrophotographer has clicked an exceptional video, wherein we can feel the rotation of the earth

Using a tracking mount, aligned with North Star, he kept clicking images every 12 seconds for the next 3 hours.
The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way


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HourlyCheetahs presents:

I love burrowing owls so much.

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Hundreds of Burrowing Owls have taken up residence in a small Florida town, and locals are helping them find safe homes. ow.ly/lRry30q4omm

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