This isn’t in prod yet, but being able to do this at all is a triumph of human persistence over a remarkably terrible code base. All props to @_randolph_west and their team.

We’ll conquer this monolith!

Partway done on the switch from Box Jades to Polias. I’m trying a quieter less whompy switch here.

Time to delete most of the screenshots from the last few days’s play session. I know I torment you all with a lot of screenshots, but you have no idea how badly I *could* torment you.

I’m keeping them up my sleeve in case I decide I no longer want any twitter followers.

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"For decades, Philadelphia homicide detectives were performing the extraordinary feat of closing more than 80% of cases. "

Blind pursuit of a higher clearance rate is so dangerous.

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Most important new report today, and highly encouraging: Real world vaccine effectiveness (E) in >380,000 people in Qatar to B.1.1.7 (UK) and B.1.351 (South Africa) variants, *100% E vs severe illness both*👍 @NEJM

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Over the weekend ~15 California condors descended on my moms house and absolutely trashed her deck. They still haven’t left. It sucks but also this is unheard of, there’s only 160 of these birds flying free in the state and a flock of them decided to start a war with my mom 😭

Later in the same day, mists in the fields as I approach the Hjaal River.

Oops. Kilt another dargon, with the help of a passing group of adventurers. They had a warrior, a rogue, a wizard, and a hunter. No cleric, though.

Ran into Uthgerd and beat her in a fistfight, which made her like me. We’re besties now. Then I made myself some new duds. Whiterun is looking nice.

This dragon mound is suspiciously un-mounded. Probably this is entirely safe as well. Nothing bad can happen here.

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