What’s the gameplay like? Well, it’s a fantasy-ish MMO. You mine stuff, milk cows, talk to NPCs obsessed with fishing, the usual.

This game definitely gives me the feeling of being in a specific *place*.

The landscapes are fantastic. (Pity about the typical busy MMO hud overlaying them most of the time.)

This is what that screen SHOULD look like, except, well, this character has literally never even equipped a musket.

We spent our weekend playing the beta of MMORPG “New World”. It wasn’t entirely bug-free.

Thinking about clicking on this just so I can find out what contortions they go through to not arrive at “Epstein offered sex with lots of underaged girls” as the answer.

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If you work at Eidos / Square Enix DO NOT contact the NAVEX Global "whisteblowing platform" or "tip line".

NAVEX Global is another union-busting firm (also used by Amazon) and they act as a front to gauge workplace organizing and help management cover things up.

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Hey it's so you know what that means: time for some Marketing Shenanigans!

If you like stories that center friendship and found family, here's an epic tale for your TBR:

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I actually memorized all of this joke. One of my appearances on Joker's Wild. This is from 1971. I delivered a mother-in-law joke but with a difference. Its how a nuclear scientist explains the danger of eating radioactive cabbages to a mother-in-law. In plain, simple English.

A screenshot of our New World MMO characters, showing the upside and the downside of the game at once. That clipping on my coat is unfortunate.

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Fanone pounds the table as he says, "the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful!"

"Nothing has prepared me to address those elected members of our government who continue to deny the events of that day and in doing so betray their oath of office," he adds

Look, I don’t care about the meme. It just gives me a happy to see Twelve and Clara on my timeline.

OTP <3 <3 <3

Please no more

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