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Here's a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak from the reminding you to grab the flowers life sends your way. (April 2011)

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You don't get in here.

Two comments:
1. This is the kind of tech project likely to be useful and successful; that is, run by well-supplied people who are already experts.
2. MIT should make official funding happen.

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MIT posts design for a 100 dollar emergency ventilator using supplies from existing hospitals. e-vent.mit.edu. They are taking donations as this is a volunteer effort, without any offici…

But I made it safely back to my cottage and found my cat waiting for me.

I might spend a day learning to craft better armor, and then see if I can find my way to Ivarstead. I hear the Throat of the World can be reached from there.

After clearing out the camp of bandits, mages, draugr, and valuables, I emerged to find night had fallen. My walk across back to the road was not without incident.

After various adventures on the tundra, I found myself at the Silent Moons camp. I found the lunar forge! (Well, Malcolm did, but I’ll switch to RP mode now.)

Silent Moons camp had a medium-sized dungeon crawl, with bandits, mages, & draugr.


All clean and warm and relaxed (literally, there is a buff for this), Malcolm ate some dinner in the Frostfruit Inn main room. Then he had a good night’s sleep. He left Rorickstead early in the morning to head back to Whiterun.

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Hi. I designed some coronavirus travel posters for you. Stay the F* home. Love you all.

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This movie is so comforting right now. A reminder that in times of crisis, there are still places of safety and care in the world.

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💥 MATT SMITH will be making his TWITTER DEBUT on MONDAY!

He’ll be tweeting along with @karengillan@twitter.com, @TonyCurran69@twitter.com, @emmafreud@twitter.com, Richard Curtis & Bill Nighy during our ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ worldwide watch-along!

Monday 30 March, 7pm BST 🌻

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@emmaggarland@twitter.com here's the reverse pov, if you're wondering what it looks like being followed around by crows

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holy shit this @JoeBiden@twitter.com ad is good.

Farmboy Erik wants to become an adventurer. I convince his dad to let him go. (I gave him the money to buy armor.)

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