So the argument was that if they put together fake electors with fake elector documents this would be the uncertainty that would force Pence to not certify. We know how drunk Giuliani was; what was Eastman’s excuse?

Oh my god, his daughter. In the house dying while the protestors raged outside. This guy has a spine and a half.

It’s pure cringe listening to the former POTUS on these tapes, trying to bargain with reality. He’s very stupid, and he thinks he can get anything he wants by offering praise and cheap MAGA junk.

Shaye Moss was on the front lines. Just a worker, doing her job.


I’m going to get angry when I hear Moss talk about what she went through, aren’t I.

Yeah, I’m angry about what happened to Moss. The powerful white Republican men who were state officials were inconvenienced, but they’re all fine. Moss is not powerful. She was not fine.

And Facebook happily delivered all of the hatred right to her inbox.

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