So the argument was that if they put together fake electors with fake elector documents this would be the uncertainty that would force Pence to not certify. We know how drunk Giuliani was; what was Eastman’s excuse?

Oh my god, his daughter. In the house dying while the protestors raged outside. This guy has a spine and a half.


I have to ask, and this is a sincere question— what the fuck is wrong with the work “reluctant” that people suddenly seem unwilling to use it, but instead use the arguably more obscure “reticent” instead?

because they don’t mean the same thing

yeah yeah I know, usage BUT

“Reluctant” isn’t a weird word, and “reticent” used to be a useful word that means, well, reluctant to speak. And now it means, apparently, whatever Humpty Dumpty wants it to mean today.

I can only hope he’s paying it extra.

Of course I typo-ed in that plaintive wail. OF COURSE

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